Hired Bride [completed]

2 years ago

by johngomezz



Kelsey Parker is an average 23
year-old woman with financial
needs. With her little brother in
the hospital, her mother working
as a babysitter, and her not being
able to finish college, money has
been pretty tight to make their
ends meet.

Mason King is a billionaire. He
can buy anything he wants being
the CEO of the company his father
is going to pass on to him. At the
age of 25, his grandmother thinks
that he should stop messing
around with women and start
settling down.

His grandmother makes a deal
with him that if he doesn’t get
married in three months, she will
ask her son to take the company
out of Mason’s hands and instead,
give the company to Mason’s
sister, Ella. Desperate of not
wanting to lose the company,
Mason hunts for the perfect girl
to hire as his bride. He knows
that the only perfect woman is

What will happen with the two?
Will it be a marriage that will
break them or make them?

Hired Bride [completed] Season 2

Hired Bride [completed] Season 2

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Hired Bride [completed] Season 1

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