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With The Devil  - Season 1 - Episode 20
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“So you would have went off to confront him?” Pretty infused as soon as we entered keke going to Aspoly.
” Its just to warn him to stop being silly over women” I said,and everyone in the keke laughed.

“I guess you never had it in mind that other serious fatal events might result from such silly confrontations” she asked me in the same manner that Amara does.
I looked at her,and just smiled.

“Well,you saved the day I guess.So, I owe you one” I simply said and then we remained calm.

We could walk to the place we were going,but the risk of me running into people that know me in that our school surroundings ims very high…..and I didn’t want to be noticed,so I told Pretty we have to enter keke,which surprised her to core;but she still obliged me.


In the swimming pool,I really swam to my satisfaction and to my surprise though,Pretty can swim but I was better than her. I had always imagined that she will be a fish in water cuz I was misguided in my first pre-analysis of her that she might be a water child or related stuffs.But there we were as I watched he’d swim from end to end,and I was wrong about her.

Nothing is as sweet as watching someone you really care about being so spirited and happy.Its usually one of the simple magical spells out there cuz whether or not you control it,you will realise that the same happiness exhibited by them resonates back to you and you end up sharing in that happiness.

” Come back to the water!” I heard Pretty say at me as she threw fistful of waters at me.
I smiled and got up from where I sat and dived into the pool and swam to where she was,holding her from under and she cackled above..

I came up as I raised my head only to meet a sweet kiss waiting for me.I separated it before mouths started blabbing in that public setting.

She said I should carry her on my back and swim, reminding of the fact that I had whizzed that I could do that perfectly back at her place ( even though I never made such boast).I obliged her!

After a while, I told her let’s go underwater and see who will come out first,and she agreed.We held our hands together and immediately we went under water,we were back at her place.

I was like:
“Are we really here?”
She laughed at me,asking me “where do I think we are at?”

“You are now mocking me.Am not blind now.We were just at the pool some seconds ago,and now we are here” I said.

” We are still at the pool she said” and continued laughing at me.
One thing with dreaming or any subconscious thing,you usually will never know that it is not real until you are out of it.
“You know what,I think am going to rape you” for you to stop making fun of me in serious issues.
“You are welcome!” She said .
“Yea.I know thatz what you want!” I retorted.
“I need to go back to that place,the swimming pool.I left my things with their security.” I finished.
“Open your eyes.” I heard her beckon to me.
Clearly,one of us is insane.My eyes are open and you are still asking me to open it again?” I queried again.
As if she didn’t hear what I just said,she came closer to me and shouted “open your eyes” to my ear to the extent that I felt that all my body parts developed ears and heard her shout.
At that moment, I got back from whatever trance she has created in that moment and opened my eyes only to see her face looking at me and pointing her hands up as a sign that we should rise up,which we did.
“What was that?” I asked immediately I got my breath back.
“Shared consciousness” she replied me,knowing fully well I had no idea what she was talking about..
I looked on at her in utter muteness as she smiled at me with us both drenching and water dripping from our body back to the pool.
“How do you always do that?” I finally found myself asking.
” because of what I am” she replied.
” Which is what exactly?” I queried on,knowing fully well she will not answer me that.
” In time you will.That,I promise you!” She calmly said.
After saying that,as we were calling it a day at the pool side,she told me that there was something she wants to discuss with when we reach her place,to which I said “no wahala” to!
* * *
We reached her place around sometimes towards noon.Meanwhile, she bought some body nourishing edible and drinkable stuffs on our way back to which I started helping myself to immediately we branched at her place.
For the first time since I started going to her place, I removed the outer clothes I wore,and wore only my boxers and singlet(I wouldn’t call it a singlet anyway,more like a sleeveless polo) and relaxed in her bed.
I found it comforting and relaxing and it helped me feel at ease myself, even though I guess Pretty was surprised as she stared me,you will gladly know that she ultimately feels am already in love with her place; that I love it there.
Funnily enough,that’s true. Her place is probably the only place at that moment in time where I don’t think of anyone else or anybody else or anything else beside those moments with Pretty.It felt great,and I would be lying if I said otherwise.
Pretty latter joined me in the bed and used the pillow to relax on the wall while I readjusted myself and used her legs to support myself as pillow.
“I didn’t even know you can swim the way you did today.I was thinking you were going to use tube” I quizzed in.
“Well,I guess I disappointed you then?” She rhetorically retorted.
“Not really” i said.
“But you said you thought…?” She asked.
“Its just a thought na,it mustn’t necessarily be justified or true.” I replied.
She didn’t say anything as I made the above remark.
“Do you wanna what my actual thought was really?” I asked.
“Yes.tell me!” She replied.
“Well,first things first,don’t get angry at what I will say ;promise?” I quipped in.
“Now you are putting me on suspense? Okay,I promise not to be angry!” She said finally.
“You know,stories of mermaids living out lives like normal people abound,and so I was thinking……” and I was interrupted by her inadvertent burst of laughter with the accompanying question:
“And so you think I might be one?” She finished.
“That’s the only sensible thing I could make out of who you really are” I defended myself.

“You just can’t seem to let go of this!” She finally said with a low tone.
“You can’t blame me na.Being inquisitive is a very big part of my personality traits” I answered her.
“Don’t worry,I will tell you okay.I have previously promised you this.
“Okay o,if you say so.” I replied her.
After like some fifteen seconds silence,she said:
“You know I told you there was something I would love us to discuss?”
“Yes,I remember” I replied.
“I know about Jane!” She simply said.
“Yea,I figured that out when I asked you about it earlier!” I replied.
” How did you know?” She asked.
“Well,I will just tell you a little secret about me” I said.
“Okay” she said.

“Most of the time,I know when am being lied to…I just neglect it” I asserted.
I looked up at her and caught her smiling.
” So then,that’s why I couldn’t get access to a particular aspect of you?” She asked.
“What particular aspect of me?” I queried.
“The aspect that it just seemed like something has taken over it;and do what I may,I have never accessed that part of you” she finished.
” Seriously,you know am not understanding any of the things you are saying right?” I asked.
” Yes,I know” she replied
“What do you know about Love?” She asked me.
I was like, where is this girl actually going with all the talks that have all of a sudden being her interested subject of discuss.
” You are not saying anything about it?” I heard her ask.
“Am just thinking about it shaa.” I said.
“So,what do you say about it?” She asked me.
“Well,I have had my own fair share part of it.” I answered.
“I saw it too..With Jane right? She asked.
“You already know na!” I simply said.
“Who else have you had a share of it with?” She asked me.
“Well,uhmmmm,my grandma.You know, I grew up with her” I told her.
“How did you end up with her?” She queried on.

“Well stories abound shaa,but I don’t care about them shaa.Am just happy it happened, that’s wat I know for certain.” I replied.
“Well,its evident in your life shaa!” She said.
“How do you know that?” I asked her.
“Well,most grandma’s are too compassionate and over-caring for their grandchildren, especially the ones that stay with them.You know, they transfer all the love they have left in the world to you. You are like a diamond to them and nothing pleases and makes their heart happy more than to see you happy!” She replied.
I must say that I was really kinda surprised on how deep she went with that one.It was like she was talking out of experience or out of an experience she must have gotten from me;I didn’t know,but to know for certain, I decided to ask her something,something bizarre and seemingly off topic:
“How old are you?”
“Why do you want to know it all of a sudden?” She demanded.
” Am older than you,if that’s what you want to know!” She just enthused.
“I know that already” I said.
“And you are still asking?” She said.
“Yep!” I answered.
” Okay,okay.I… ……” she kept silent.
“I will complete it for you” I retorted immediately,and then continued:
“We are both age mates and you can’t deny it!” I finished,giving her the surprise of her life!

There was silence everywhere, and then she broke the silence saying:
“How did you know that?”
“That’s my own magic” I replied.
“Seriously,I want to know how you did that” she told me.

“Well,This is the point where I tell you that you will know that in time.” I told her.
I guess she couldn’t lie to me or she was too down to guard her age,but one thing that is a fact is that she never saw it coming.
But how did I make that accurate guess?
Well,now,I feel like sharing!

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