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Whatsapp  adventure  - Season 3 - Episode 55
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I gently pushed her down to the bed as I feed from her boobs while removing her short, she wasn’t wearing any pant either,, when I removed her bum short she opened her legs as I gave her k---y the licking of its life,, which lasted for like 15minutes,, she also c-m 2wice on the process, shouting and turning her self up and down,, she became weak after experiencing her 2nd organism , but because I needed to c-m too, I didn’t even give her any brief chance as I penetrated her on a missionary journey,, she seems not to noticed that am already inside her,, because she was very weak,, I pounded her for like 7minutes on that same missionary journey before she regained her self,,

first she started screaming slightly,, I turned her over and penetrated her again in a doggy style,, she was totally back this time and she is also enjoying it,, calling my name, asking me not to stop,, I was going in and out of her as fast as I can,, she started thanking me for the work am yet to finish,, at about 10minute on the doggy style,, she freed her self and requested to be on top,, I lay down and she sat on top of me,, as she let my d--k to enter her again,, immediately my d--k fully entered inside of her,, she let out a loud m0an,,as she paused and sat on my d--k still inside her,, I noticed she was experiencing another organism, I gently raise her up as I started going in and out of her with a mighty speed,, till I was near,, I started feeling my own c-m build ,, I continued as I was enjoying the s£nsat!on, till I emptied all in her,, we both la!d on the bed both exhausted,,

we la!d silently, breathing fast,, for sometimes,, till I noticed she was fast asleep,, I stood up,, wore my cloth and left her house as I headed for mine, I got home,, at around 4.30,, my two room mates was also still sleeping,, that they didn’t noticed I was in,, I went to the bathroom,, fresh up,, as I embark on the same sleeping mood…

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