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Whatsapp  adventure  - Season 3 - Episode 47
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everybody laughed but amina still insisted I open my result in front of everyone,, I handed the result to her to open by her self,, she opened it and shouted again,, attracting other students,, everyone was surprised,,

me. what is that,,

manda. what did he get??

prefect. amina tell us nah,,

Dan. give me let me see how my n----r failed whole fully,,

at this stage,, I thought I also lost the 4th position,, amina hide the result s--t from Dan,, as she step to were I was standing disappointed,, she hugged me so tight with her whole body,, everywhere became cool at amina’s drama,, me too I became so cold,, what is she doing,, is she like consoling me or what,, after about 30seconds,, she let loose of me as she joyfully announced in her loudest voice,,

amina. he also got the 1st position,,

chuks. what??

Dan. how come??

prefect. its a lie,, give me you both result, let me check again,,

I didn’t believe that either,, I thought amina was just playing until the prefect confirmed it by him self,, that’s when I took my result to see with my two eyes,, I felt so happy again,,
but still confused how this happened,, not really only me,, everybody was,,

after a long time of being confused,, we all thought and decided we will have to go see the dean and ask him why it happened that way,,

we go to the dean office, knocked and he asked us to come in,, we went in,, greeted him,,

dean. to what do I owe this sudden visit from the champions,, prefect tunde speak up,,

prefect. sir we are having a little difficulty here,, so we decided you help us solve it,,
dean. OK bring it on,,

he collected the results from us and handed it over to the dean,, who cross checked it,,

dean. is this the problem??

prefect. yes sir,,

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