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Whatever It Takes - Season 1 - Episode 24
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*Six months later*

Our eyes locked into each other’s. None of us saying a word. we allowed the silence to engulf us
into bursts of ruminations for we didn’t know what the future held for us. All we knew was how we
felt in that moment. It was the eve before my flight to the united kingdom. I had won the
scholarship and was scheduled to report the following week My family had come along with me
to Lusaka and we stayed at a lodge owned by Dr Dawson. But what happened to my sister?
Mweshi had recovered and had been discharged a week after she woke up from the dead and
Biemba immediately made his intentions to settle with her known to the family to which we gladly
received him. Four months later they had a chombela ng’anda ( come together party) and settled
in the council housing area. Shortly afterwards, Doctor Dawson gave us a personal invitation to
his house for dinner and we almost refrained from going if not for the Doctor’s kind heart. I was
particularly the most at pains. I was dating his son, his only son. I was horrified that he may not
find me good enough for his son. I was so nervous I almost stayed behind. Thanks to my sister
who calmed me down when she and her husband came home so as to head to the Dawson’s
together. She helped me pick an outfit for the occasion, a black maxi dress and white flat shoes.

My only accessory was a white bracelet which matched perfectly with the shoes. I barely wore
any makeup after which I whispered a prayer softly. Only for someone to order me to hurry up in

the midst of my prayer.

The doctor had sent a chauffeur to pick us up and we all left together. As we reached his place,
the whole family marveled at the beauty of the house. It’s exterior was superb and the interior, oh
my gosh! I had never even thought such beautiful houses existed in Mansa. I had seen similar in
the home magazine and never in my wildest dreams did I see myself entering such an exquisite
house. We all stood frozen by the door admiring the house and checking if we were fit to enter it.

The floor looked like polished stones which I later learnt were Carrara white polished marble tiles.

The lounge had a red and white theme of decor. It was so neat it prompted us to take off our
shoes at the door but for the doctor who rushed to receive us and gently stopped us from taking
them off as he quickly led us through to the lounge where two helpers immediately served us
some refreshments.

I looked everywhere expecting to see Harry but he was clearly missing in action. We waited a little
while as the doctor took my parents and sat in a different room where they got to know more about
each other as we waited for Harry to turn up for dinner as well. When they realised the food was
getting cold, they decided to have us settled at the dining table and we quickly said grace. It was
no secret that Dr Dawson had no particular church he went to but he allowed us to say grace the
Catholic way.
” Sorry I’m late!” Harry apologised as soon as we finished praying and joined us on the dinner
table while his father quickly cleared his throat gesturing him to take a seat which he did. We ate
quietly with various foods being served at intervals. To say we had dinner is an understatement we
literally had a three course feast.

After dinner Dr Dawson rounded me and his son up and spoke to us privately. I was sceptical
about what was likely to be discussed but it turned out he was interested in the relationship we
were building. He gave us his blessing and we gave our relationship another shot based on mutual
understanding and honesty.

So there we were gazing in each other’s eyes and holding hands unsure of what the future held for
us. He finally spoke;
” Wherever you will be, please remember that I will be waiting for you. I love you but I also care
about your dreams. Go make me proud and show the British how smart Zambians can be. One
thing I won’t hide is the fact that you will meet a lot of people and some will no doubt take an
interest in you because you are a beauty my darling just remember that someone back in Zambia
is hopelessly in love with you. But If at anytime you chose to let go of us, please let me know.

However, I won’t ever let go. I will wait for you right here till you return to me.”
His words spoke directly to my heart and I felt my heart melt at their beautiful sound. I then
dropped my gaze as I felt tears linger in my eyes to avoid crying. I needed not cry, not when there
was so much hope for the future, for us, for my family and for love. He held my chin up so I could
look in his eyes and just then I blinked letting the tears that i was trying so hard to control escape.

” Baby are you crying?” He asked lovingly as he wiped my tears with his thumb.

” No baby it’s just I’m so joyful right now. I’m glad God brought you and your family into my life. I
can’t thank him enough and neither can I thank you enough for fighting for what we have. I’m so
glad I met you my love. I also want to promise that I will keep myself for only you.”

He pulled me in an embrace and we allowed the beating of our hearts to speak. I knew his heart
was mine and mine, His. I trusted him and prayed he would keep his words. For the record my
belief in the sanctity of marriage was still intact. I shared a room with Mweshi whose husband
couldn’t make it and my parents’ shared one right next to us while Harry’s room was located at the
far end of the corridor.

I woke up very early the next day and got ready for my flight. My boyfriend and family did likewise
and soon we were driving to Lusaka international airport. I cleared all formalities, said goodbye to my family and joined the others as we waited to board the plane.

An hour later we all boarded and
the plane took off shortly as I waved at my family who were frantically waving at the plane. I
wished my parents could see me fly in the bird that they so wished to get aboard. As the plane
ascended, I felt my fear of heights creep in with every altitude we climbed and so I decided to
close my eyes and kept counting till I felt the plane stabilise mid air.

I became anxious to know what lay on the other side of the continent. ” Only time will tell.” I
muttered silently.

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