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Whatever It Takes - Season 1 - Episode 23
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Looking at father and son I could now see the semblance between the two. They walked in a
similar manner, they all had strong chiselled jawlines and both stood with both hands behind the
back. The dissimilarities though varied from fairness in complexion to hair texture. While you
could easily tell that Dr Dawson was interracial, little could be attributed to his son but once again i
felt cheated. I was always upfront with who I was, I didn’t even for once hide my poor home nor
my blind parents something that I had heard most girls do due to insecurities.

But that wasn’t top of my priority neither my worries. In as much as I was happy he took sometime
to check up on me and my sister, I felt in that moment my sister needed my undivided attention.

I was so lost in solicitude such that I didn’t hear him walk back towards where I still stood leaning
against the wall. For some reason I didn’t even think about sitting on the nearest bench.
” Please come and sit down on the bench.” He advised after I gave him the icy look. I knew he
wasn’t an horrible person but I still couldn’t even begin to imagine what other skeletons he had in
his closet. I slowly followed him to the bench with much restraint. My legs were tired out of
standing for too long such that they felt quite heavy i had to drag myself to the bench.
” Yes don’t you have something to tell me?” I asked almost sarcastically after we had both settled
into the bench.

” You are right I believe I do.” He responded in a somewhat defeated tone

” Who are you really?”
” I’m sorry you had to find out this way. I know I should have told you right from the very start. But
for so long I’ve had to explain why I have an English surname when I’m so black. Nothing about
me shows the possibility of my being a mixed race, not my hair nor my complexion thanks to my
ancestor’s love for dark women. When my great great grandfather met my great great
grandmother their love was one at first sight. He was disowned as a result and that’s how they
settled in Zambia. It turns out all the generations after them couldn’t resist dark women . ” He
narrated but I only furrowed my brow and urged him to keep talking.

” To cut the story short, some are lucky to be fair skinned and have curly hair like my father and
my two sisters. I’m sure you remember I told you about my sister the first time we met. We are
three in my family and I’m the youngest. Both my sisters are in the united kingdom and are now
married to whites there. I’m the dark one and people literally mocked me to being the black sheep
of the family and that is why I would rather be known by my late mother’s maiden name. It really
saves me a lot of explanations.

” Ok I guess that could be understood. But do you realise our differences in classes? I have a poor
background and you are one of the renowned doctor’s children. Do you realise that, that on its
own spells trouble for our relationship? Why did you deceive me by pretending to be a simple

” I know it’s looks like deception. I am but a simple man who loves a simple life. I once allowed my
family’s riches to get to me but that only attracted the wrong people towards me. Take Jessy for
instance. But with you it’s different I wanted someone to love me for me and you have done that. I
don’t see myself with any other girl who could understand a simple life as well as you do. I know
our differences in class but that matters less to me. You are all that matters to me and I will not let
that ruin us. I promise” he softly but confidently assured me

I was about to speak when Biemba came out looking so happy. His smile alone could make you
think there was good news accompanying it.
” She is awake.. Mweshi is awake.” He informed us. I was sure if we were in any other place he
would have jumped up and down in elation.
We equally rushed into the ward with similar vigour as no one would want to be a kill-joy in such a
situation. I was glad that atleast my parents weren’t aware of that situation. You can imagine if that
had occurred in the current era of cellphones, I would have rushed to call them and we would have
began mourning prematurely
For someone who had been in coma for the last three days, Mweshi was rather a chatter box. She
couldn’t keep her mouth shut and most of the times we just watched her incredulously. She kept
narrating how she was aboard a big happy ship and how when the storm hit, the ship started
sinking but someone grabbed her from the sinking ship and placed her into a speed boat that sped
off to the nearest shore. a few moments later the nurses were alerted of the new development.

They carried out a few tests and ordered her to get some rest to which she protested so they gave
her an injection to calm her down.
I guess going through death and back makes someone as a matter of fact anyone rapturous. Who
wouldn’t live to tell their own tale of defying death? Anyway, soon it was visiting hour and I only
realised then that I hadn’t eaten anything the whole day. It’s funny how one doesn’t feel any need
for food in trying times but would feel the need to eat once harmony is restored. I know there are
also emotional eaters who think they can eat their sadness away. I guess everyone handles
stress differently.

My parents came just around that time with April and Lubuto. Thankfully Mweshi was now sleeping
and it only took me a finger on my mouth to gesture everyone to stay quite. I knew they will
eventually hear about it one way or another just not at that particular time………..

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