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Whatever It Takes - Season 1 - Episode 20
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I found Mweshi giggling and humming to Mariah Carey’s ‘my heart will go on’. She was too lost in
her own world such that she barely acknowledged my presence. For a while I stood there
watching her. I enjoyed watching her being that happy. I knew that feeling and I was sure there
was a name to her ecstatic behaviour. I slowly crept in to the room and sat beside her and thanks
to the bed of springs and the squeaky noise she snapped back to reality.

” Oh hi Kasuba has Harry left already?” She spoke as she slowly picked up a dress and fiddled
with it.

” Yes he has.” I responded not once dropping my gaze from her
” And?” She asked absently
” And what?”
” Did you give him another chance?” She asked and continued fiddling with her dress
” Do you realise you’ve been folding the same dress over and over?” I asked instead
” What? No way you are just trying to be evasive.” She denied
” Oh really? Is that why you are giggling and humming to a love song?” Her face lit up brightly with
that said and she threw herself onto the bed gazing at the newly installed iron roof and I did
likewise putting my hands on the back of my head as I did so. I was all ears but it took an
outstretched moment of silence before I heard her speak.

” You know, with my condition I thought I will never get to experience this feeling? But here I am
now and I know it, I feel it and it’s the best feeling ever.” She was clearly in love I could see that

and was very happy for her. But just to pull her leg I had to feign ignorance.

” You know I hate it when you speak in riddles. Can you get to the point already?”
“Did you feel some butterflies whenever you spoke to Harry?” She giggled as she asked
” Mm so that’s what this is all about?” I said teasingly
” Of course baby sis your big sister is in love!” She screamed and threw her arms in the air ” And how do you know it’s love my dear big sis. What if it is all but an illusion.” I teased

” My heart beats rhythmically in his presence, it’s like he carries a tune with him that makes me
just wanna dance. I know it’s crazy but it’s also fulfilling at the same time.”
” Wow I’m happy for you ..I truly am.”
” Well thank you and that is why you should give Harry another chance. Love is a beautiful feeling.

I know you still love him and He loves you genuinely. You don’t easily find such love so when it
comes to you, you grab it with both hands.”
” Mm and didn’t you just turn into cupid overnight?” I said immediately Pushing us into fits and
starts of laughter
” So how did you guys meet?” I asked after we broke off the laughter
” Let’s see.” She answered as she playfully twirled with her long very dark natural hair as though
trying to recall the exact details. She then sat up in a yoga pose and I followed suit.

” I first met Biemba at the community school where I teach children about avoiding sexual abuse and what to do if you ever suspect any strange behaviour even from people close to them.

He came there one day and he listened to my lesson secretly. Apparently he did that for a couple more times and one day he decided to attend my lesson. When I saw him I felt a rush of something, adrenaline or the like. It was those chills that froze me up. My throat run dry and I
couldn’t let out any word I just gaped. He stood up and walked to me , held my hand and gently
asked me to continue. Being so close to him was even more torturous than when he was at a
distance. All I managed to do was send the kids out for a short break and that’s when he told me
about his eavesdropping on my lessons. I could have gotten mad at him but I thought it was so
sweet of him. We introduced each other and he told me how much he already knew about me.

At that point I thought he would run to the nearest exit but nope he stayed such a beautiful soul.

We’ve been friends since then and even though I was aware of all the butterflies he gave me, I
played along with the plutonic kind of friendship. Only today he confessed of all the feelings he has
been bottling inside and I couldn’t believe it. He loves me Kasuba and not out of pity he loves me
for the person I am.” She was tearing up by the time she finished narrating and I understood her.

My eyes couldn’t wait to join in on the teary party only they were tears of joy and we embraced
each other like children.

” He is a terrific person Kasuba it’s so unbelievable.” She added making me all the more joyful.

” Wow my sister he sure sounds terrific. I hope to meet him one of these days.

” Yeah you know me and my blabbermouth I have blurted so much about you and he too can’t wait
to meet you and my family.”

” That will be great.” I said and just then April who had gone on errands with mum and lubuto
entered our room.
” Well I could hear from outside the house you sounded very happy. Can I also know what the
happy occasion is?” She asked childishly
Mweshi and I stared at each other and bursted into more laughter
” What Mweshi has is too contagious and I’m afraid we don’t want you to catch it. I already did.” I
answered her
” indeed it’s highly contagious you are better off not knowing.” Mweshi concurred
” Why do you always treat me like a child?” April protested
” Well that’s because you still are a child.” We responded in unison and I said ” jinx” as a result
and Mweshi quickly shouted ” buttercup!” As was the case when you said the same thing at the
same time.

Afterwards I made a mental note to give Harry a second chance but only if he was willing to wait
for me for atleast four years and prayed for God to continue blessing us before we all rushed
outside to prepare supper under the moonlight which was full and bright….

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