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Whatever It Takes - Season 1 - Episode 18
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You can only mop up so long sometimes the best thing to do is to let go. I had been holding on to
all the feeling I had for Harry for so long but I must admit that the day I saw Harry walking hand in
hand with the girl who had not even a good word in her mouth for us, was the day it was clear to
me that I needed to move on. Besides I still had so much to do with my life. Men will always be
there but dreams may not wait for me.
Thankfully the winds of change were slowly blowing on my face. I just got my results and I got a
total of twelve points in all the eight subjects that I sat for at my ordinary levels examinations .
Seven points in six subjects was a little too much even though I would have loved to get straight
one’s. Anyway I rushed out to go and call Amber and Sheridan who insisted I should inform them
of the results once I got them.
” Wow sunshine you are so bright.” Amber exclaimed on the other side after I had informed them
of my marks.
” How do you like studying abroad?” Sheridan inquired
” That would be wonderful..really wonderful.” I said almost in disbelief. If not to avoid the noise I
would have screamed my lungs out but I had to atleast act civil. ” We have already arranged for your scholarship. We knew you would do well. But first you must
attempt the international English language testing system (academic)in order to complete its
process. We will book it for you from here and you can go and sit for them at the British council in

your country.
” Really Sheridan? ” I asked incredulously
” Yes you deserve it and we know your family is counting on you.”
” Aww I don’t know how to thank you.” I said genuinely. We live with angels in this world and if you
haven’t come across one atleast be one. Sheridan and Amber were heaven sent and I prayed for
them to live a long blessed life. At a very young age they were already helping people and doing
the unfathomable.

” And don’t you worry the tests are meant to assess your reading, writing, listening and speaking
skills. But you have to practice so we will link you up with our colleague that side who can help you
prepare and once you are ready he will help you with the logistics.”
We spoke for close to an hour and chatted about life in the united kingdom. From what I could
hear the weather was likely to be very new to me but I was looking forward to the whole new
experience. My family broke into a frenzy when I announced the plans Sheridan and Amber had
for me.
” My daughter you will fly abroad. Oh God is so great.” Father had said
” Yes father it almost sounds too good to be true.”
” That’s what good news to someone especially if they weren’t expecting it.”
Three weeks later I was at the British council sitting for my IELTS which I must say went really well
but I had to wait a fortnight to get my results. During this time I was pleased with the way I blocked
harry out of my thought it was as if he never existed. I guess an idol mind is indeed a devil’s
workshop. Keeping myself busy was all it took to forget about the love gone sour.


” Harry are you aware that Jessy is at the hospital?” Evans asked me all of a sudden during some
” No man that’s news to me.” I responded urging him to lay everything on the table ” Well she is. She’s been there for almost a week.”
” You don’t say!” I answered after taking a sip of my rhino lager. I had by this time chilled with the
strong drinks. ” Is it that serious?” I asked feeling concerned
” I hear she is likely to be out of danger. She had a near fatal abortion.” He informed me dryly
swallowing the last bit of his drink
” Waiter!” I called and he came immediately. We made some fresh orders of beers with snacks
” Abortion man that’s terrible!” I said at last
” Well I thought you knew about her pregnancy man.”
” No man I had no idea. Well that explains it.”
” Explains what?” He asked and I recounted the day she tried to corner me in my own shower
” Wow man that was your sweet escape. I hear some manager refused responsibility of it. Turns
out he is a married man.”
” Wow!” I said thanking my stars that I wasn’t trapped in her scheme. ” Girls can be crafty my
goodness.” I ruminated
” You should visit her sometime you know. You two were really close.”
” you know what? I guess I should . As a matter of fact I will go there.” I glanced at my watch and it
was 4: 30 PM ” now.” I finished my sentence and stood to leave.
” Sure man sharp!”

I gave him a thumbs up and downed the remainder of my drink. I hoped seeing her will give me a
bit of closure and so I hurried off to the hospital… only …will my visit change anything? …………….

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