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Whatever It Takes - Season 1 - Episode 15
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I rushed back in to change into something better. I knew he would come so I took my bath earlier
on but wore a vest and chitenge till such a time as the go-between would call for me. I must state that I was quite nervous this particular day so when the go-between called for me, I nearly rushed
out without touching up my face and taking off the chitenge into something fit for a date.

Once inside, I slipped into a blue floral knee high dress and tied the belts neatly behind.

I then neatly tied up my boxer braids and lightly dabbed my face with a powder puff I cut from the old mattress of course it was the trend back then.

All we did was cut a piece off an old mattress or cushion and then trimmed the edges carefully till we got a smoother looking puff. It still felt rough
on the face so it was always necessary to soak it in hot water before use. I finished off by moisturising my lips and a dash of Beverly hills perfume.

Putting on some sandals, I hurriedly
walked out towards the meeting point as I didnt like it if he waited for too long. When I reached the
place I couldn’t find him. I couldn’t understand what had happened. ” Did he get tired of waiting?” I wondered as I stood there hoping that he would show up. I didn’t even think I had taken that much
time dressing up.

He had finally officially asked me out and even though I wanted to say yes immediately, I gave the common answer at the time ” let me think about it” when there was practically nothing to think

about. It was what I wanted, what I waited for over the past few months yet I pretended to play hard to get.

I only gave my answer in a week and we hit it off. It seemed we could never have
enough of each other. Each time we spent together seemed to be getting shorter it was that sweet and that captivating.

Disappointed, I turned and walked back home. I couldn’t believe he had just run off like that.

I felt cheated Harry had just stood me up.

But something strange was happening I kept looking over my shoulder as I felt like I was being followed.

( Introducing Jessy patel)

I just had to see the girl that Harry had dumped me for. So I had followed Harry incognito till I was able to see her.

I had timed their movements and knew exactly where and what time they met.

This particular day I had to turn the tables in my favour. I couldn’t sit back and watch a dirty girl from the slums take my boy.

I Jessy Patel was not a loser and definitely no quitter.

I had invested a lot of time and energy into my relationship with Harry. The past four years we dated were magical even though I cheated on him before I knew the boy I wanted to end up with. I knew the
calibre of man Harry really was and to lose him to a nonentity was not going to happen on my watch.

It really hurt to know that another girl could get what I couldn’t get in all those years we

I watched her as she waited patiently for Harry at a good distance and when she eventually turned to leave I slowly followed her. She gazed over her shoulders a couple of times but I made sure to duck each time.

She finally reached what I was sure was her home and then I decided to call her

” Excuse me!” I called and the girl had ears like a bat she immediately stopped and faced me.

I hurried off to her and took a nasty look at her from her head to toes. She didn’t strike me as someone who could make anyone crazy not to talk of my Harry.

The dress she wore was two
sizes bigger and didn’t complement her in anyway. She was brown in complexion but she was no match for me. I bet she could tell that much by barely looking at me.
” Yes how may I help you?” She answered and it struck me that that was perhaps what drew my
harry to her. She had a sweet accent and the softness if her voice was admirable I couldn’t take that away from her
” I just wanted to see the girl who is messing with my boy.” I said
” Sorry?” She answered
” Don’t play dumb with me.

What makes you think a rich boy could fall for a dirty poor girl from the
slums like you?” I asked raising my voice and some people from her house came outside as a
result. ” By the way not only do you look cheap but smell cheap too. Tsk tsk I’m so disappointed in
Harry right now.”

” Who is there ?” A blind woman asked
” Goodness!” I said clapping my hands ” it is a blind bunch of filthy people.” I spat ” I can’t believe
Harry could insult me like this. I mean of all people he just had to pick the blind poor bunch like these.

I bet you are just after his money. Yes I know your pathetic type you want to milk him dry
but let me tell you no matter how hard you try you won’t be able to separate us.

You don’t even have anything in common with him yet you proudly prance around town like a fool. He was just
using you to get under your skin my dear. He can never love you”
” Please leave before I do something I will regret.” She said with a tone of anger to it
” I will leave just stay away from Harry. He is mine and mine alone. And in case he didn’t tell you I’m expecting his child. A normal child not quite like you. What could you give him hey! another blind bunch?” I mocked the people.

They were pathetic and I didn’t mince any words. The house
wasn’t even electrified. Did harry need to take ‘ love is blind ‘ literally?

” I said leave!” She angrily chided and I left I knew my job there was done. My message was loud and clear.


” Kasuba what was all that?” Asked my mother

” Even I don’t seem to understand mum. Please excuse me.” I said and run off into the house.

How gullible could I get? I couldn’t understand a thing about what just happened. Tears streamed
down my face as I recalled the ugly truth that had pushed through my heart like an arrow ” He can
never love you and in case he didn’t tell you I’m expecting his child… expecting his child…
expecting his child.” The statement continuously echoed through my head each time tearing right
into me not even covering my hears could help me.

Just when I thought we were shooting to the sky like rockets, the same gravity I once said couldn’t hold us down begged to differ…..

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