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Whatever It Takes - Season 1 - Episode 14
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I’m of the opinion that wisdom comes in two categories. Most gain it with age while others are born with it though those that are born wise are rare. I also believe that there is a thin line between a Wiseman and a foolish man.

A Wiseman can become foolish with the onset of pride while a fool can become wiser with the right influence.

One thing that clouds judgement is love and lust.

They say love brings both the best and worst out of a person. The best when it’s reciprocated and the
worst when its lost. A person in love is hard to convince otherwise but the complication comes in when love can’t be distinguished from lust.

Many are the times people fall in love for all the wrong reasons and this often culminates in heartaches.

What I’m I saying? Well I was falling fast the speed , I could tell, was greater than gravity. In fact I breathed Harry, dreamt Harry, ate Harry and only saw Harry. ” If this isn’t love then i don’t know
what it is.” I mused. We were getting closer and closer yet I knew he hadn’t officially asked me to be his girlfriend. I had just come back from a mini picnic that Harry had organised and I was silently singing with joy.

I must say I became better. I was always smiling, I laughed more often
even at silly things sometimes I could even speak to the trees and chickens. I was clearly losing my mind.

The day Marvin picked me up he asked me if Harry was my boy friend and I laughed at his
insinuations. I mean it was hilarious because I had just met the guy and even though we chatted nothing was pointing in that direction. I wasn’t even sure if I was going to see him again not to talk of identifying him from the streets. But just a few months later I was smitten over the same guy.

I replayed all our conversations in my head over and over again.

I entered my bedroom and gently closed the door leaning on to it afterwards. I closed my eyes and visualised the picnic that we just had.Harry had surprised me the first time by coming to our neighbourhood.

I had spotted him and dodged before he could see me. I did this several times
and I was sure he was stalking me but he kept coming.

One day he saw me first and there was nowhere for me to run. So we got talking. He started visiting and we would take a stroll around the neighbourhood. He wasn’t even mindful of my poor background i figured. As I stood against the door I started imagining things. I imagined he was there with me and was walking slowly towards me.

His blue eyes lighting up as he got closer and closer. I should have known he had more than
just black blood running through his veins by the color of his eyes but that wasn’t quite important then.

” mmm Kasuba you can’t even sit down sure.” Mweshi said snapping me out of my reverie

” Umm what are you talking about?” I answered defensively
” Well you’ve been standing against the door for the last fifteen minutes or so and making smiley faces.”

” No you lie.” I argued
” We’ve been here the whole time so who is making you smile like this?” April pointed out

” Oh c’mon you are imagining things.

There is no such thing.” I answered as my heart beat faster if
you ever wonder the mechanism of a lie detector test there you have it. .

It was true there was a reason behind my smiles and it had a name. In fact it wore trousers and was very handsome.

Chocolate in complexion, clean hair cut and a voice capable of making anyone melt.

“I’m older than you Kasuba I know. You might think I don’t. I have seen the way you smile and are always jovial the past couple of months.”

” I don’t know what you are talking about.” I said shyly and joined them on the bed. ” Anyway
what’s for supper?”

” See you even cook all the time even though it’s not your turn only one thing makes someone like that .” Mweshi said
” Yeah even I know what that is …love.” April conquered with Mweshi
” Oh shut up April what do you know? I hope you aren’t up to no good you are still in school.” I snapped mostly because I knew that my little sister needed to be in the clear of boys.

” Ok I will tell you .” I said resignedly after they both dropped their faces. I hated seeing them sad.

” Is it the guy that was relentlessly following you a couple months ago?” Mweshi asked after I had let them in on a few details carefully leaving out the outings we had already.

” Yep the same one.” I responded shyly
” I knew it.” April excitedly said ” he is such a catch.” She added I hope this is exactly what I feel.” I cogitated…..

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