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Whatever It Takes - Season 1 - Episode 13
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•five years later •

I disembarked from the bus and the warm breeze hit my face. I was home and it felt so good.

It was unlike the city where I was coming from but it was a place I called home. I did some reflection about how my life had turned out and how God sent destiny helpers my way to make my dream possible. I knew I wasn’t there yet but this was something already. I went around the bus to collect
my luggage and then later said goodbye to my friends. I had written to my family two weeks earlier and I hoped that Marvin would come forward to help with the bags. To make it easier, for my brother to spot me I dragged my bags to the front of the post office and settled down on the stairs.

” Hi beautiful.” A boy saluted as he walked near me

” Hello!” I blushed. I was wearing a pair of cargo pants, platform heels (sneakers) and an
oversized checked shirt tied into a knot in front. It probably sounds ludicrous but that was in fashion back then. It was an imitation of the spice girls a famous UK girl band at the time and popular among people in high school.

” Can I sit next to you?” He asked and my heart started beating fast. All through my life I had never had any boy make me feel that way. I regarded them as a weakness that could set me off course and so I kept boys at bay.

As a result I had preserved my innocence and I was so proud of myself
” Sure not a problem.” I answered and looked away trying to avoid his gaze. Even I couldn’t

Believe I had actually allowed him to sit. I scolded myself silently for presuming he was interested
in me. Looking at him there was no way he was going to be interested in poor old me.
” Harry is my name and you are?” He asked extending his hand
“Kasuba..Kasuba Mwenya.” I Answered dryly also extending my hand
” Wow! beautiful name for a beautiful girl.” He complimented
” Thank you ” I responded shyly
” So are you waiting for someone?”
” Yes my brother is coming to pick me up.”
” Ok cool . I hope he is not so protective of his sister.”

” He actually is.” I answered firmly
” well I have to see for myself. So say I keep you company till he gets here.”

” Sure no problem.” I answered but inside I was like break a leg I’m not that easy.

” I suppose you are from school right?”
” Yes just completed school.” Completing high school was the most exciting thing.

One would announce it like society was that easy. You should have seen school leavers in action.

” Wow! Congratulations welcome to the real world” he said and I said thank you.

” Which school where you at if I may ask?”
” Fatima girls.”
” Good school it is that one.”
” Yeah I suppose it is.”

Yes I had managed to actually go to Fatima girls secondary school. Shortly after new year, we received Christmas presents from our two beautiful souls.that time around they sent the phone number saying it was going to be quicker to speak to them directly on the phone besides they
missed hearing our voices. So I informed them via phone that I had been selected to grade eight.

It’s like they sensed the uneasiness in my voice and knew that I was worried and so they
encouraged me to grab the opportunity with both hands and not worry about the fees and that the family will always be looked after. I had second thoughts about going so far but I eventually left with all the members of my family backing me up.

The first term was the hardest as I was mostly home-sick it only started getting better at the end of the second term. I out performed myself and so my sponsorship kept coming and I equally qualified to grade ten with the highest scores at the

All through my school years I was pretty much down to earth and I made quite a number of friends even though sally remained my best friend. She had been selected to go to St Mary’s
secondary school and we kept in touch all through the years.

Surprisingly she had stopped being
lazy and had discovered that she was brilliant. So despite repeating two grades at primary level,
she had quite a smooth run of high school.
” And where is home?” Harry asked after Marvin seemed to take so long to arrive
” Chitamba” I responded swallowing hard in the process. I could tell he was from the high class area. I knew that telling him I stayed in the slums of Mansa was probably not the best idea. But yet
again that was home so I might as well be proud of it.

” Oh yes I have been there a couple of times.”

” Oh that’s nice I figured you didn’t even know it’s location. Anyway what are you doing here? Are
you perhaps also waiting for someone?”
” Uh no I’m not waiting for anyone just something. I came to pick up some parcels from my sisters but I’m told to wait as the parcels aren’t yet sorted ”
” Oh there is my brother.” I said standing up and he did likewise.

” Too bad I was thinking maybe I would drop you off.”

” That won’t be necessary thank you.

But I had a nice time chatting with you.”

” Same here anyway hope to see you again.”

” Welcome my sister sorry I took so long.” Marvin said as he grabbed the bags and looked at harry for a second without saying anything as if sizing him up.

Those with big brothers can understand
that he was just being protective.

” It’s alright I’m just glad you are here.”
” Come I have booked a taxi already.” Marvin gently announced
I waved Harry goodbye and followed my brother not sure if our paths will cross ever again….

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