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Whatever It Takes - Season 1 - Episode 11
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I finished replying to Sheridan and Amber and read out the letter loudly I later enclosed a few of our best photos as per their request. most of those photos were of their favourite friend of course.

Every one was happy with everything so I closed the letter and run to the cathedral to give it to Father Mambwe for mailing the very next day. There was quite a distance from home to the
cathedral but it didn’t bother me much because I was used to walking long distances.
On my way back I met aunt Jane who seemed quite happy to meet me so I decided to greet her ” Hello aunt Jane how are you?” Immediately I said that I wished I could get my words back
because I saw her bleached face turn red and I knew what was coming
” Mmm did you just greet me in English? Wonders shall never end indeed.” She clapped in wonder
perhaps and paused for effect before she continued with her slurs. “Some things are better left to
people who are used to them. Don’t waste your time with school thinking you will go far. Girls only
get married from families such as yours nothing else. I’m sure you will soon be in a scandal just
like your sister.” She answered in a high pitched tone throwing in a lot of expletives and curses.

One would think there was a quarrel taking place. I decided to leave her there without saying
goodbye when a small crowd started gathering.

Meeting certain people even on a good day leaves a sour taste in your mouth but there was no way I was gonna let her ruin my good mood. I swore to work harder and pictured her coming to beg for help from me.

” Lord please let aunt Jane live long because I want her to see how you can move some one from rags to riches, from shame to fame, from curses to blessings.” I prayed silently as I ran along to get as far away from her
” Have you given the letter to the priest already?” Father asked when I got back home.

” Yes dad he also sends greetings.” I answered unaware that my voice gave away my sadness
” Thank you my child. Now come here.” He said and I obeyed
” Why do you sound low?”
” It’s nothing father I think it’s just the heat outside. I’m just exasperated.” I lied
” Okay my child you need to rest now. I hear you begin your exams in two weeks so you should have plenty of rest and study.”

” Yes father.” I Answered getting up to go to my bedroom. Thankfully Mweshi wasn’t around she had gone somewhere with mother and so I cried my eyes out to sleep.

” Kasuba are you okay?” I heard Mweshi ask as she shook me up in order to awaken me. She sounded worried.

” Yes I was just having a nap.” I responded as I woke up and rubbed my eyes. I had slept for over two hours. That was two much for me. I knew I would struggle in the night. ” I have some good news for you.”

” Tell me ! now what is it.” I frantically urged her on.

” Well I have decided to start some literacy classes. I feel so great nowadays such that I no longer feel sorry for myself. God willing if I live long I want to help girls who find themselves in my
predicament.” She said with so much vigour in her voice
” Wow Mweshi I’m so happy for you! Best news ever” I exclaimed and hugged her ” and don’t worry God will surely make a way.”

” Mum and I went to the woman who suggested it to her. I also think Marvin should give it a try.”

She announced
” That would even be much better. O lord I’m so happy right now.”

On Monday evening Mweshi went for her first evening literacy lessons and I helped her prepare.

She was glowing and looking at her no one would tell she was living with the virus. She smiled sheepishly as she took her books. I guess she couldn’t believe how much her life had turned around.

” Now leave already before the nerves get the better of you.”

” Yeah you are right.” She said as she turned and walked off to the literacy centre.
I don’t know if her teacher was just too good or Mweshi was a natural genius because in just a week, she moved from reading four letter words to reading six letter words. She took her lessons
seriously and never absconded.

Whenever she had homework, she would make me sit with her so
she could read to me. I listened proudly as she went through her work and only corrected her minimally.

Two weeks later I was at school for my first paper. I was sure I had prepared adequately And would do well. I took a sit in the third row of the fourth column and waited for the examinations to begin.

I went through the paper once it was given and did a happy dance inside. I knew most if not all of the questions in the examination question paper as I had attempted them just a day prior to the exams. It was the same with the rest of the exams in that week and I knew in my heart that I made
After my last paper I rushed off to Sally’s school and the two of us walked home. Sally had also
improved in her school performance as I usually dragged her to the library to read so she too was
confident she would make it to secondary level. We were officially done with the primary level and
we couldn’t wait for the next stage of school life……

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