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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 98
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“Something simple and definitely silver.” She didn’t strike me as the gold kind of person. “Nothing…” I searched for a word. “chessy like a heart.” I felt like a moron but the woman nodded and thought for a moment. She smiled and went to the back of the store retrieving a square blue box and walking back. She opened the lid and I looked inside.

“How about these, they are quite popular with couples and can be engraved if you wish.” She looked at me before adverting her gaze back to the objects, clearly uncomfortable yet courteous all the same. I smiled, they were prefect.
“I’ll take them.” I said quietly as she closed the box and began walking back to the counter.

“I think you made a good choice. You are sure doing your shopping late.” She said in a light yet chiding tone.
“Been moving around a lot for work.” I said replied and she smiled apologetically. It was weird conversing with her and while I couldn’t help but think of her as food I also saw her as a person now, something I never really did before. I was guessing it was Anna’s influence.

“Would like to have them engraved here or take them as is?” She asked. I pondered for a moment, thinking on what to put on them. I was never one for words, especially the kind of words I wished to express when I thought of her. I decided to keep it simple once again. I looked up at the helpful woman as I began telling her what I wish it to say.
Here goes nothing.

-Con’t of chap, New Perspective-
POV: Anna

I was sitting the floor, my head resting on my knees and in a bath robe as I watched the flames dance around lightly in the fire place. My hair was dry and my clothes in the washing so I had nothing to do until Felix came back and I was getting impatient. The snow was falling faster now, the citizens were going to get a white Christmas that was for sure.

I was terribly curious to what Felix was doing but I tried not to dwell on it too much, I was just going to agitate myself. So I sat there thinking about my past Christmases and even though they weren’t very clear I couldn’t help but smile. I felt Felix’s presence and soon I heard a car pull up into the side garage. I had learned that not only did the Volturi keep houses stashed throughout this planet but each came with a car or two. I stood up as he walked through the door, snow piled up on his broad shoulders.
I walked up to him, brushing some of the snow off and taking his hand, feeling remarkably better. I noticed a small package in his other hand but I decided to let it wait for a moment. He smiled as I pulled him with me to the couch, pushing him down and sitting on his lap. “So, this is what you left me for. What is it?” I asked, touching the little box. I looked at his face and he seemed a bit nervous and maybe even a bit embarrassed though I didn’t know why.
“It’s a Christmas gift.” He said simply handing me the box. My eyes widened.
“Felix you didn’t. I don’t need anything.” I said gently. I was torn between annoyance and awe at his actions. He tries so hard when he doesn’t need to.
“I wanted to, and beside it’s also kind of gift for me.” I raised an eye brow in confusion. “Open it and see.” His eyes were fixed on my face, clearly nervous for my reaction. I took off the wrapping and held the blue box in my hand for a moment before opening the lid slowly.

Inside the velvet were two necklaces, each resembling fancier and silver versions of military dog tags. I picked them both up and placed them on my palm as the chains dangled between my fingers. One was larger than the other and was a simple rectangle, obviously meant for Felix. The other was smaller and had a very simple but elegant boarder around the edge, definitely mine. Each was engraved with the same message. Suyo Para Siempre. I turned them around to the back revealing more engraving. On his it had AEG, clearly my initials and mine had FRB. They were beautiful and I was sure if I could cry I would, I was deeply touched. They were perfect.
I looked up at his expectant face and smiled widely. He let out a rush of air that he had been holding. “Felix…thank you! It’s perfect,” I said warmly as I quickly slipped the chain over my neck before doing the same to him. I pulled his face towards me and gave him a quick but passionate kiss. “I love you.”

“I love you too and you’re welcome.” He said, stroking my hair.
“I’m curious though, what does this engraving mean?” I asked as I ran my fingers gently over the small words. I wasn’t entirely sure what language it was but it looked Italian or maybe Spanish. “Suyo Para Siempre.” I said quietly to myself, probably pronouncing the words completely wrong. He laughed.

“Suyo Para Siempre, it means ‘Yours Forever’ is Spanish.” He pronounced it perfectly and I had to admit that it was incredibly sexy hearing him speak Spanish. I couldn’t believe I never asked him to do so before, I knew he was from Spain but I never thought to ask. I was about to rectify that mistake.

“Say something else in Spanish.” I said quickly, my face millimeters from his. He laughed.

“Why?” His eyes were confused yet amused.
“Because I like the way it sounds.” I placed a kiss on his neck and inhaling deeply, I loved the way he smelled. It was hard to describe, it reminded me of maple, brown sugar and vanilla though there was a slight musk to it. I doubt i’d ever get it right but I didn’t care, all I knew was that is was my favorite smell in the world.

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