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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 97
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POV: Felix
I walked down the main street of the small town as I looked at the many shops. The wind was picking up and the snow was coming more forcefully now. Many had already closed for the day, if they even opened up at all, so my choices were limited. What was I doing here? I wanted to get Anna something but to be honest I had no idea what. I had to admit that when I came up with this plan originally I didn’t really think it through. All I knew is that she was upset earlier even if she didn’t want to talk about it. I thought maybe a Christmas present may brighten her mood but now that I was here I was…lost.

As I browsed through windows I could tell immediately what she wouldn’t like but nothing was jumping out at me either. I wasn’t used to this. I hadn’t celebrated this holiday since 1922 when Aro decided that he was in the mood for ‘some holiday cheer’. It had been even longer since I had bought a gift for anyone, especially for someone so special to me. I was out of my element. I sighed, frustrated.

I walked past a small jewelry shop and looked into the window at the shimmering objects. Anna did not seem like a jewelry person, at least nothing that was too conventional and corny. She liked doing things rather than receiving gifts but at the moment I couldn’t take her anywhere. If we were back at Voltera I could take her back to that waterfall, she seemed to generally love it there. I would take her there when we got back. For now I decided to walk in and hope that I would find something here.

As I walked in I caught the faint scent of several human’s, most likely customers, and the strong scent of the woman behind the counter. She was old, maybe in her seventies, and she had on a simple red dress on. She looked up as I came in and smiled though her eyes widened a bit in shock as she took in my appearance. I was used to it after all this time. I was grateful that my eyes had that golden tinge to them at the moment, I always hated contacts and avoided wearing them at all costs, annoying things. I thought back to why my eyes were this colour and smiled. I had told Anna the truth that night, that there were no people near by and I was thirsty but what I failed to mention was I was hoping it soften her up a bit. I think it may have worked and worth the horrible taste. I found myself drifting back to that amazing night but was soon brought back by the woman’s voice.
“Is there something I could help you with?” the woman asked politely as she walked up to me. Though she was polite and smiling I could tell she was keeping a bit of distance and was nervous. While I was not thirsty she still appealed to me and she had every right to stay away, even if she wasn’t sure why.
“I’m not sure. Just browsing I guess.” I said simply. I started glancing around the store, a bit uncomfortable. Once again nothing was jumping out at me.
“Who is the gift for? A girl perhaps?” she asked sweetly. I smiled as I thought of Anna and the woman nodded understanding. “Well do you know if she has any preferences? Shapes, sizes, gold or silver, gem stone, bracelet or necklace.” She inquired. I thought about it for a moment but I didn’t know. I hadn’t thought to ask her these things and I felt a bit guilty. I knew her so well yet I didn’t. I decided to go on my gut and what I did know.

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