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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 93
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“But your eyes, surely they would not be that colour yet after only four months.” He said suspiciously, they obviously thought I was lying.

“That’s because of my diet.” I replied. They looked at me confused. “I don’t feed of human blood but animals and therefore it does not take as long for my eyes to loose the usual vividness in colouring.” I shrugged. Though I was confident this was true I wasn’t 100% sure but they didn’t need to know that. I looked at them and their faces were a mix of surprise, curiosity and disgust. I smirked, most other vampires reacted like that when it came to the vegetarian diet.
“You feed off the blood of animals.” His nose wrinkled and she just shook her head. “Why?”

“It’s complicated but I guess in short I value human life and don’t want to be a killer if I can help it.” I responded lightly, it was true enough. They were looking at me like I was from another planet and I couldn’t decide if it was funny or sad how they reacted to the idea. We ran in silence for the rest of the way though they still stole glances at me occasionally but I ignored it. Soon I could see the ridge in the distance and when I felt Felix I couldn’t help but smile.

We quickly bounded up the side, not as fast as the free fall but fast enough, and soon I saw him. I immediately went to his side as his one hand intertwined with mine and the other pulled my face up for a quick kiss. I was vaguely aware that the other two were there but the world always seemed to disappear when he kissed me. He chuckled when we broke a part and looked up.
“Charles, Makenna. It’s been a while.” He said politely walking towards them. I had left his side for a moment so I could retrieve my cloak from where I left it, slipping it on quickly.

“Felix, it is good to see you. I would ask how you are but I guess there’s no need.” He smirked as he glanced at me. He returned his gaze back to Felix, “But I am confused as to why you are here. What does the Volturi want from us?” he said in a very business like tone.
“We wish you for you two act as one of many witnesses.” Felix responded.
“What is this about Felix, what does the Volturi wish for us to witness?” He said to the point, wanting answers. Felix and I exchanged a quick glance, anticipating their reaction, before he spoke.
“An immortal child has been created. Our guard and masters will be dealing with this personally in several weeks time but we wish you to witness. Will you do so?’ Felix asked. The two of them growled as both their eyes filled with hatred. I understood the problem of creating an immortal child but I still felt this was an over reaction. Something was up, something they were hiding from us but I couldn’t think what. So many pieces were missing but one thing was for certain, I didn’t trust a thing that Aro said or planned.
“An immortal child.” He said angrily as a low and menacing hiss escaped his lips. “Yes we would gladly witness. Where are we to go?” He asked quickly as Makenna nodded her head in agreement. I had a feeling that they, like the others, wished to do far more than witness. I reached into my bag and pulled out one of the several pieces of paper that had all the information they would need to contact Voltera. Once they did Aro would arrange for transport or lodging for them. He took it from me and placed it in a pocket quickly.

“Charles, do you know of any others nearby we may be able to contact? We know of Grigore but I am not familiar with this area.” Felix asked. We were unsure where to head next to search and I for one didn’t feel like wandering the country side like a lost puppy.
“We know of another nomad by the name of Manuel. He tends to hover between to border of here and Romania. I also believe Aras and his mate Ileana still live somewhere in Turkey though they have been known to be partial to the territory of Edirne. They are the only others I know of that stay in particular areas.” We nodded.

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