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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 91
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“I love you to, more than you could ever know.” I said quietly. I didn’t want to release him but I heard him sigh and we both knew we had to leave. I saw our clothes torn to shreds on the ground and I was grateful we had packed extra clothing. I went to my bag and began selecting something else to wear. I couldn’t help but watch him dress form the corner of my eye, it was a shame to cover up that body. Soon we were both dressed and we slipped the cloaks over top. He came up and took my hand as we began dashing through the forest, refusing to let go for a second.
He loved me and I loved him. Whatever the future held for me he would always be my side and because of that I knew that I could face whatever it threw my way.
Chapter 23 (cont): Witness
We had been running for several hours when Felix caught their scent though it was very faint. I memorized the smell as we continued to search, changing our path several times as we tried to follow more recent trails. We separated for a few minutes as we took separate paths and my hand already felt cold without his in it. Eventually I came to the edge of a small cliff, about 150 feet or so from the valley below. I stood there for a moment admiring the scene and soon I felt Felix approach me. I looked into his face and automatically smiled. He came up from behind and wrapped his arms around me as he placed a kiss on my neck.
“Find anything?” I said quickly, trying to hold onto reason though he was making it very hard to do so. I leaned into his body and I could see him smirking from the corner of my eye. He spoke into my hair.
“Two possible trails but they go in opposite directions, one is east and the other west. I think we may have to separate for a longer period of time if we’re going to have a shot at finding them soon.” He sighed and I could tell he didn’t want to leave me nor I him. This was so new to me but already I felt like I wasn’t completely whole without him. Still, he was right.
“Alright, which one do you want?” I asked politely. I slipped off my cloak and placed it on the branch of a nearby tree, as I put the bag over my normal clothes. He looked at me questioningly. “I prefer to run without it, surely it’ll be ok here we’re in the middle of no where.” He just shook and said nothing. He knew how much I hated to wear it so he never pressed the issue for which I was grateful.

“I’ll take east. Lets meet back here in five hours or call if either one of us finds them.” He said seriously and gave him a mock salute. He chuckled and placed a kiss on my lips. “Be careful ok?” I couldn’t help but roll my eyes, I wasn’t exactly helpless.
“I’ll be fine, always am. Or do you think I can’t handle myself” I said in an offended voice. He chuckled.
“I know you can, still be careful.” He said quietly, looking into my eyes. I smiled at his concern, no matter how unnecessary it was.
“I will be but the same goes for you. If anything happens to you I will personally kick your a-s.” He laughed at my tone though I was totally serious.
“Yes ma’me.” He kissed me again, definitely putting off the separation but I couldn’t say no because I felt the same. Eventually he sighed and we broke apart. I started walking to the edge of the cliff. “What are you doing?” he asked perplexed. I turned around.
“You said west right?” I asked lightly.
“Well this is west and frankly the fastest way down. See you soon, love you.” And at that I jumped off lightly. My hair whipped around my face chaotically for a few seconds before I landed gracefully on the ground. It still amazed me a bit how I could jump from such height only to have it feel like I jumped a mere two feet. I felt Felix leave in the opposite direction a moment later, but not before saying ‘Love you to’ from above me. I smiled for a moment before returning to the task at hand and though I hated the distance I breathed in deeply catching their scent.
I took off quickly as I followed their scent though I felt nothing around me for a mile. I noticed a more recent trail that headed south and I quickly changed my course. I had to be running for over an hour when I ran into a fresh trail, less than an hour old. It was definitely them and I pursued them immediately. I ran for maybe another twenty minutes when I finally sensed their auras. They were close and I increased my speed to breach that last bit of distance between us. I saw them now as I entered an old corn field, the ground frozen solid in the cold weather. They stopped abruptly and turned and lowered themselves into their hunting crouches as they growled deeply.

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