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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 84
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Anna spoke, “You seem to have created this plan rather quickly given the gravity of the situation and the short time you have known the information. Why are you sending everyone and why are you sending Felix and I in search of witnesses, why not Demetri? Surely he could track potential witnesses more effectively. What are you planning?” Her voice was hard and cold. I could tell that she didn’t trust what Aro had told us, she crossed her arms and lifted her chin slightly as she waited for an answer.

Caius stepped forward and glared at her, “That is none of your concern, we have our reasons. I don’t expect the likes of you to understand them. You will prepare to leave and do what you are told do you understand me.” He said viciously. I bit back a growl, I didn’t like how he addressed her.
“Yes…master.” She said politely but her stare was just as cold as his and filled with loathing.

“Forgive me master but how did you learn of this break in the law and where are they?” I asked. Aro was about to speak but Anna cut him off, she was angry.

“They got the information from an informant that is currently in the northern most part of Voltera at the moment. I’m curious, why is she not here or in the usual guest rooms.” She just looked at Aro who returned her penetrating stare with amusement. Caius looked like he was about to speak when Aro put up his hand.

“She is not here because she gave us all the information we needed for now and it will take time to make the necessary arrangements. She has done a great service to us and our kind by coming here so I had Corin take her on a tour of Voltera before she settles in. Now to answer your question Felix, she has informed us that they are on the move and were near Mexico when she last heard but they may move, we will worry about that.” He paused, seeing if there were more interruptions but both of us remained silent. “I would like it if you would please gather your things and prepare to leave. Return here in ten minutes time and I will give you more instructions, I suggest you pack durable items.” He waved us off.

She immediately turned around and stormed out of the room and I followed a second later. I could tell she was angry so I gave her a little space while she went quickly down the halls. “Argh, I’m not some dog who retrieves his masters slippers every time he snaps his fingers!” Her voice was hard and low so I would be the only one to hear her. A deep growl emitted from her chest. She looked like she was close to demolishing something in her frustration and there were several statues in this particular hall. Though she was rather sexy when mad I eventually put my hand on her shoulder and I could feel some of the tension release at my touch.
“Calm down.” I said simply. I almost laughed, normally it was others telling me those words. She stopped and looked at me for a moment before nodding her head. We continued on our way for a moment and then stopped outside my door, I had an idea that would hopefully put her in a better mood. “I’ll meet you in a few minutes pumpkin.” I said lightly, trying not to laugh.
She looked at me confused, “Felix, did you just call me pumpkin?” Her hands went on her hips as she tilted her head to the side. The anger was buried for the moment while confusion took over.

“Ya.” I said simply, trying desperately to hold in the laughter at her face expression.
“Ummmm why?”
“Because your eyes are the dark orange colour of pumpkins. Seriously Anna, it’s like looking at a jack-o-lantern, it’s creepy” I teased. She looked at me in shock. “But don’t worry, I have always liked Halloween.” I gave her a wink and her eyes narrowed but I saw a smile playing around her lips. “I think it has the potential for a regular nickname, what do you think?” I asked in a serious tone.

“Haha, very funny. I hope you realise that it is one of the most ridiculous nicknames I have ever heard, more suitable for a middle aged housewife in suburbia.” She said, rolling her eyes. She continued down the hall, yet a another plan successful. I started laughing and I walked through the door, shutting it behind me. I second later I heard her door close. I grabbed my usual duffle bag and filled it with some clothing as I sobered up. While I was confused about the job I had to do I was very excited to be alone with Anna for a few weeks. I was determined that I would tell her how I felt, it was the perfect opportunity. I had a feeling she felt the same but I still felt nervous at the thought.
I began zipping up the bag when I felt weird, I couldn’t describe it. I shook my head but my head didn’t clear. I heard the door open and Anna walked in. I was about to speak when she launched herself at me, placing her lips against mine and wrapping her arms around my neck. I didn’t think I just closed my eyes, holding her closer, and instantly kissed her back. It felt wrong though, like she was someone else, the usual spark I felt when we touched wasn’t there. After a moment I realized that it wasn’t just that usual feeling but the smell wasn’t there, it wasn’t Anna’s intoxicating scent.

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