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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 82
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I shook my head, “That will not be necessary, we will just have to inform them of tonight’s events when they return. Thank you.” He bowed and backed away into the crowed.
“He better not come back with his eyes that amber shade again. I expect that abnormal behaviour from her but Felix! What was he thinking that night? Where is his pride?” Caius grumbled. I could not pretend not to agree on some of his thoughts. When he had returned with Anna almost a month ago with his eyes the same shade of those self proclaimed ‘vegetarians’ I had to admit I was surprised. I would have never believed he would attempt such a degrading and far from satisfactory form of hunting but as I soon saw in his thoughts I knew he would be willing to do just about anything for Anna. He did, however, resume his normal feeding patterns so I had written it off as curiosity, an anomaly that will not happen again.
“He fed this morning with the rest of us brother so I highly doubt it.” I said simply. I could still smell the lingering scent of the human blood from today’s meal, making my mouth fill with venom. If I could only persuade Anna…but I knew that was a battle already lost, she would not give in. Her instincts to protect human life that she acquired in her mortal life still lingered. “Afton, would you please bring our guest here?” I asked after a moment. He bowed once again and left the room.
Thirty odd seconds later Afton entered with the blonde vampire. She did indeed look tormented and pained. Her eyes were growing dark, neraly black and she looked visibly shaken. She looked around nervously, rubbing the back of her hands while her shoulders hunched forward. They stopped but a few meters from us.

“Irina, I am disappointed that we fail to meet on more pleasant terms. What has brought you here child?” I asked sweetly, holding out my hand. She looked at it for a moment, clearly uncertain but took a deep breath as she placed her hand in mine. Instantly I began to sort through her thoughts, skipping over those from centuries past. I found what she wished to tell me and looked on intently.
She had gone to reconcile with Carlisle and the other members of his family. She was still deeply hurt over the loss of her friend and potential mate but her family so desperately wished to breach this gap created. She approached from the mountains by foot as she fought with her conflicting emotions. The anger and feelings of betrayal for the Cullen’s but also her love of them and her family. No, she must try no matter how unpleasant this may be. She had eventually come to the edge of a peak, only a few miles till she reached her destination. As she looked down she saw the flowing chestnut hair of young Bella, her skin now the colour of white pearls. She is beautiful, the immortal life suits her. Their eyes connect as they register each others presence, neither unsure of how to proceed. She hears a wolfs howls and the shouts of a child. She instinctively looks towards the sound and observes a large reddish brown wolf, probably one of the many that killed her love, with a child a dead elk at their feet. She is confused, what is a child doing here among such creatures. As almost to answer her question the child sunk her teeth into the elk’s neck, holding it in place with inhuman strength especially for a child. The realization of what this child is hits her and pain rips throughout her being. She once again feels the stab of betrayal of Carlisle’s family, how could they do this! She looks back at Bella as she opens her arms, attempting to explain but there is no explanation for such an act. A deep growl escapes her lips before she escapes this horrific sight.
She knows what she must do but it still pains her. She wanders in the snow for days as she comes to grips with her decision. To condem the Cullen’s to death, her former friends and once family. She has no choice. The laws can never be broken and she could no make exceptions because of how she felt. There were no exceptions for her mother. She turned east as she began to make her journey to us, knowing what would follow. She prays for the forgiveness of her sisters and brother.
-*Back to the present*-
I let go of her hand, my mind racing with the implications of her thoughts, as she shrunk back. Everything was coming together, piece by piece and I had to fight the smile that would ruin the façade I was about to play. It seems that getting what I wanted wasn’t going to be so difficult after all.
“This is horrible news indeed, I would not have believed Carlisle capable of allowing such a betrayal of our kind to occur. This disturbs me to no end.” I said sadly, shaking my head. I could feel all eyes on me as they listened to my words.
“What has that lover of humans done now?” hissed Caius.
“I am afraid that the Cullen’s have created an immortal child brother.” I said, adding both the right mixture of sadness and anger into my voice. Everyone in the room growled loudly as I said these words and their eyes filled with hate. I expected this reaction, counted on it.
Caius stepped forward, “What?!” he said loudly. “He must be punished, all of them, immediately for creating this abomination!” Around the room there were murmurs of agreement. They would assure that Caius would get the blood he was after and I would get my prizes.
“I must agree brother. I cannot allow my personal affection for Carlisle detour me from the proper and logical course of action.” I turned to Irina who I knew felt conflicted, a shadow of shame in her eyes. “You did the right thing dear one. You have proved your loyalty to us and your kind. This was not just a betrayal of you and your coven but to everyone, do not feel guilt.” She nodded but the pain and shame did not leave her eyes. No matter, she served her purpose.
Caius met my eye as we acknowledged what was to happen next. “We must discuss our course of action.” He said sternly for show. We both knew what we were to do, we had been planning it for months only waiting for the opportune time to execute it. The guard, however, could not know this. We must make our moves quickly and precisely, while I had planned of allowing a little more time in order to refine the plan I could not pass on such a perfect opportunity.
“I believe we should all go and handle this, they are an abnormally large coven with gifts of their own though they do not pose a real threat. Still, I wish all to witness what happens to those who break our laws so heinously. I will deal with this matter personally, as I am sure you and Marcus would like to as well.” Both he and Caius nodded. “Sulpicia and Athenodora must come as well, we can not leave them alone in Voltera unguarded, there are those who still count us as their enemies.” I said seriously, though I doubted those dried up Romanians posed much of a threat. While everyone was silent I could see them exchange glances and I knew why. Caius’ wife and mine never left and my brothers and I rarely but this was no ordinary situation. Irina’s widened in fear at my words, knowing the hell that was to released upon her former family. “This will take time though, several weeks. We will require witnesses, I wish all to know that justice was served.”

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