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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 81
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Manipulations and Misunderstandings

POV: Aro

I was sitting in my office in a plush leather chair reading an advance copy of The Lost Symbol. The walls of the room were painted a chocolate brown though you would only know it by the one exposed wall in the large rectangular room. Three of the four walls were covered with floor to ceiling bookshelves filled with my favorite works of literature from throughout the centuries. While this book was good it lacked the charm and sophistication of literary genius’ such as Shakespear. Still, it was an enjoyable novel and a convient way to pass the time. The other wall contained a few works of art and a set of French doors that led to a small stone balcony. The moon shone brightly in the sky casting light on the floor through the glass.

I heard the light thud of footsteps approaching and soon there was a knock at my door. I looked up from my book, “Come in.” I said lightly. Afton walked in and gave me a small bow. “What is it?”
“Master, a woman by the name of Irina has come to Voltera requesting an audience with you and your brothers. She says it is of the utmost importance.” He said quickly. I rose from my seat and approached him. Hmmm Irina I recognized the name. I began searching through countless memories, some my own and those of others, for the source.
“Did she say what was so important?” I asked curious. This is turning out to be a busy few months. First we make a discovery with young Anna, werewolf problems and now another mystery. Simply enthralling!

“No but she looked quite upset, I believed her when she said it was serious.”
“Very well, where is she now?” I asked as I gathered my cloak off the chair, slipping it over my simple yet modern clothing. Like many things in this era the clothing lacked individuality and craftsmanship but when in Rome.

“We have asked her to wait below until you wish to meet with her. Shall I go get her now?” He asked. I shook my head.
“Not just yet. Please ask my brothers to accompany me to the turret as well as the other members of the guard. If this is of such importance I wish for all of us to be convened first.” He nodded his head.

“Yes master.” He turned and left the room. I began making my way to the room as I continued to search through my thoughts. Irina, Irina…ahhhh now I remember. I met her on a most morose occasion when the leader of her coven, Sasha, had broken one of our most important laws but I spared her life as well as the rest of her coven. I had seen in their thoughts that they knew nothing of the child or their mother’s actions. Kate in particular struck my interest, it would have been a shame to kill her. Their mother, however, was burned along with the abomination she had created. My pace quickened, I wished to know the reason for her presence.

When I entered the large circular room in was all but empty except for a few members. I took my usual place in the center of the chairs. Over the next few minutes the room began to fill and the conversations began to become more intense. I was not the only one who had noticed our increased gathering in here. Marcus, Caius, Sulpicia and Athenodora eventually came in and took their seats. Several members came to stand near us, ensuring our protection though I felt no worry.
“Aro, what is this all about?” Caius asked impatiently.

I turned my head to look at him, “I do not know yet brother but I assure you we will discover the meaning of this soon.” I said calmly though it did not seem to sooth his impatience. Dear Caius, in all these years it is sometimes the most simplest of actions that you fail to grasp or learn. I turned back to face the room that had filled. As I searched through the crowd I noticed all were here with the exception of two…
“Demetri?” I called, beckoning him forward. He came in a second, as they all did.
“Yes master?” He asked politely.
“Do you know where Felix and Anna have gotten to this time.” I couldn’t help but smile slightly, those two often dissapeared. I had seen it in both their thoughts that they both cared deeply for one another. I was beyond pleased at their growing relationship for two reasons. First, Felix has been a loyal and effective member of this guard and has been alone for far too long, Anna would make a superb mate for him. Secondly, and most importantly, is that this would further serve to bind her to us. Felix loyalty is unwavering and if she were to become his mate then she would be far more reluctant to want to leave. She was such a rare find I must keep her at all costs. This could not have been more perfect if I had put it together myself.
“I believe when Anna did not return from hunting promptly he went to find her. They are not far. Would you like me to retrieve them?” He asked.

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