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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 78
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“Well two reasons. First there is a growth in the bear population here.” Her face lit up, according to her the carnivores tasted better though it all smelled disgusting to me. “And the second part you’ll just have to see. Have you not figured it out yet?” I asked amused.
She frowned, “No, can’t you just tell me?”
“Afraid not, now,” I indicated to the forest, “After you.”

-Continuation of chp, new perspective-

POV: Anna

I dashed into the forest with Felix close behind me, I was still racking my brains to figure out what was so special about today. To be honest I wasn’t exactly what the date today actually was, I wasn’t keeping track of time I didn’t see the point anymore. If I had to guess I would say it was late October judging by the weather. Suddenly I caught the scent of a bear and I was about to pursue it when something came to mind and I stopped in my tracks. Felix ran past me but was at my side a second later.
“Why’d you stop, aren’t you thirsty?” he asked.

“I am, I was just wondering if you would be willing to join me hunting. You’re definitely thirsty.” His eyes were as black as the sky. He looked at me confused.
“I’ll be feeding tomorrow, you know that. Plus there are no people in this area.” He said simply. I tried to ignore the reference to his usual form of nourishment. It was an unfortunate reality in Voltera, one I hated.
“Ya but I thought, maybe just maybe you would like to try my style of hunting. You never know, you may like it.” I gave him a wink. He started laughing but I kept the smile on my face, I expected that reaction and I had a backup plan.
“I’m not that thirsty Anna.” He rolled his eyes.

I sighed theatrically, “I guess your right. It takes a lot more strength and discipline than is normally required. Don’t worry Felix, most aren’t up for the challenge.” I paused for a moment and pretended to think. “It’s for the best, you’d probably just slow me down. You can wait here, I’ll be back soon.” He looked at me in shock and as I turned around I saw his eyes narrow. I took off into the trees but it wasn’t long before I felt Felix following me. I smiled widely, he couldn’t resist a chance to show off his strength in any shape or form.

“I’m trying this once and only once.” He grumbled.
“If you want but are you sure you can handle it?” I teased and he growled deeply. At this point I let my senses take over and followed the scent of two bears less than a mile away. Simultaneously we shrunk lower to the ground as we ran. We saw them before they did us and not wanting to be outdone I pulled ahead and took down the larger of the two. I immediately sunk my teeth into the bears juggler and drank deeply as I satisfied my thirst. After a few minutes I had drained the poor creature and stood up, I had managed to keep my clothes clean of blood but my hands and face were covered a bit.
I looked over at Felix as he straightened up perfectly clean and looked at me, the other bear dead at his feet. I felt my mouth open slightly and for a moment I was speechless. His eyes were a light amber colour and frankly he never looked more gorgeous than in this moment, which is saying a lot. I blinked and brought myself back, putting on a smile.
“So, what did you think.” I asked lightly. I couldn’t stop looking at him.

He shrugged, “Not as bad as I thought but it was still gross, I don’t know how you do this every time. I couldn’t keep this up for long.” He shook his head in a mix of amazement and disgust.
“It’s all how you view it. You live to eat while I eat to live, its all in your head. It’s too bad, that colour in your eyes really suits your face.” I said truthfully. “You sure I can’t sway you onto the vegetarian lifestyle?”

He snorted, “I doubt it.” Hmmm, well it wasn’t a no, perhaps there was hope. “Now onto your surprise!” He smiled and then took off into the forest once again but not towards the car. I quickly followed, terribly curious to what he wanted to show me. We ran for a few minutes until he stopped, I looked around but there was nothing here. “Close your eyes and no cheating.” He said sternly. I raised an eye brow but did as he asked. Suddenly I felt his fingers intertwine with mine and begin pulling me along, guiding me, and a familiar shock shot up my arm. I could have told him there was no need, if I wanted I could easily sense the trees around me and avoid them…but I didn’t.

We ran for another minute until I heard the rushing of water and soon I could smell it. The sound kept getting louder until we stopped and he let go of my hand. “Okay, you can open your eyes now.” I opened them quickly and gasped at the sight. I was standing at the edge of a large cliff. The forest spanned out for miles, no ounce of civilization in sight. To my left was a beautiful waterfall whose water crashed into a deep pool below and trailed away down a ravine. The moon reflected off the surface and as I took a few steps towards the edge forward I noticed several plants in the water were giving off the faintest glow, I doubt a human could have seen it. Suddenly I heard Felix’s voice, “Soooo, what do you think?”

“It’s gorgeous! But Felix I’m still unsure why you brought me here. Don’t get me wrong I’m glad you did but I still don’t understand.” I looked back into his amber eyes.

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