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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 73
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Tuesday evening a gruesome sight met paramedics and emergency crews as they came onto the scene of a horrific car accident. The driver, twenty year old Anna Green, appeared to have lost control of her vehicle along highway 47coming home from the Derant Family Farmers Market in the early hours of the morning. Her car appears to have rolled several hundred meters away from the main road, colliding with several trees, before coming to a stop and bursting into flames. 911 had been called when several locals nearby saw a large pillar of smoke rising in the distance.

“We saw this huge pillar of black smoke from our kitchen window. It is hard to believe it came from the one car, we thought perhaps there was a forest fire. We immediately called the authorities.” Said fifty-two year old Joan McNabb. When we asked her about the victim they had this to say. “It’s absolutely horrible, she was so young. I always thought that road was safe. I did not know her but my heart goes out to her family.”
When fire crews arrived on the scene they spent thirty minutes putting out the massive blaze that had engulfed the entire vehicle. Miss. Green, unfortunately was in the vehicle at the time and did not survive. Police had to identify her remains, which were burnt beyond recognition, through the vehicles identification number and descriptions given by family.
“While we are unable to use dentil records or DNA to identify the victim due to the severity of the burns, the body was of the appropriate height, weight, gender and age. Given that Miss. Green has not been heard from since Tuesday morning and the body was found in her car along her known route of travel it is safe to say it is indeed her body.” Said a grim Police Chief O’Donnell. “We do believe, however, that she died instantly and therefore did not suffer.” He added.
Police are unsure to what caused the crash and are currently investigating the matter. However, preliminary analysis of the car, road and the surrounding area indicates that something, most likely an animal of sorts, darted in front of the vehicle causing her to loose control.

Miss. Green is survived by her mother, forty-two year old Karen Green. Her husband and Anna’s father Mark Green was murdered three years previously. Mrs. Green was unavailable for comment. Our hearts and prayers go out to her friends and family during this tough time. Miss. Green’s body will be cremated and a memorial service will be held tomorrow evening from 6-8pm at Sunrise Funeral Home.

We had all moved to stand behind Alice as she read the article. Beside it was a picture of Anna, taken at our wedding by Esme, as she sat happily at a table, a few pedals on her shoulder. A smile was plastered on her face and her eyes shown with excitement. Below it said Annabell Elizabeth Green. November 3, 88-09. I looked away from the photo and grabbed hold of Bella, who was also crying now. Alice read the article over and over, trying to figure out how they could lie about something so serious. The others drifted away with their partners, unable to read anymore.
“It’s a mistake, they have the wrong person.” She whispered. She searched desperately for Anna’s immediate feature but saw nothing but darkness. She shook with grief but couldn’t bare to look again, the darkness was too frightening. I SHOULD HAVE NEVER LISTENED TO HER! She shouted in her head. Her face was in her hands. She thought back to when she last saw Anna and how she promised not to look for her future. She had kept her promise and was now regretting that decision.
“Alice, you couldn’t have prevented this.” I said quietly.

“I…maybe…if I looked…she would be…” She couldn’t finish. She was blaming herself and while it was not her fault I knew she wouldn’t listen to me at the moment, the grief was too fresh.

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