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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 68
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POV: Edward

I was walking hand in hand with the most glorious creature in the world, the love of my life and my saving angel as she held our most precious treasure; our daughter. Bella’s alabaster skin and dark mahogany hair combined with Renesmee’s rose cheeks and bronze curls as she slept peacefully in her mothers arms was the most beautiful and breathtaking image that would make even Michelangelo cry. My love for them knew no bounds. I had to be the luckiest man in the world and I still couldn’t figure out what I did to deserve such happiness.
I leaned in carefully and placed a kiss just behind Bella’s ear. She sighed and leaned deeper into my body. “Have I told you how much I love you today?” I murmured into her ear. I continued to place kisses down her neck as we walked.
“You just did.” She said softly. She quickly turned her head so our lips gently touched. After the moment the kiss became more intense and we tried to remember the sleeping angel in her arms. My hands wound around her waist as I pulled her body close to mine. I wanted to grab her, run back to our cottage and pick up where we left off fifteen minutes ago. We both shivered in pleasure and I knew she wanted the same thing. She cradled Renesmee in her right arm as she wound her left arm around my neck and gripped my hair, pulling me closer. Her fresia scent enveloped my senses and I drowned in it.

Suddenly I felt Renesmee begin to stir as she slowly woke up. I quickly threw myself passionately into the kiss before I reluctantly pulled away. I looked into Bella’s ruby eyes as they filled with a burning desire, reflecting my own. As we continued to stare into each other’s eyes, something I could do for all eternity, Renesmee got impatient. She reached up and touched Bella’s cheek and there was a slight edge to her thoughts. She was thirsty. We laughed and I reclaimed Bella’s hand, kissing it gently, as he walked quickly to the house.

Jake was the first to come into view as he sat on the back porch. “What took you guys so long?” he asked. His eyes lit up as he saw Renesmee and affection filled his every thought. While I still wasn’t a fan of his imprint on my beautiful daughter I could not deny his devotion to her.
Bella spoke, “None of your business.” She said lightly and I had a feeling she would be blushing right now if she could. I started rubbing the back of her hand with my thumb.
Jacob looked confused for a moment before he realized what she meant. “Ya, never mind.” He said quickly. Seriously Edward, can you two give it a rest. Jacob shook his head as he attempted to block unpleasent images from his mind. I chuckled as we all walked into the house and were immediately greeted by our family. Rose was the first to meet us though she had eyes only for Renesmee.

Bella is so lucky to have such a beautiful daughter…but she deserves it. The last few weeks Rosalie had truly begun to think of Bella as a sister and no longer harbored the same hateful feelings towards her. I smiled. “Good morning sweetheart.” She said gently and placed a kiss on top of her head. Good, she didn’t grow as much again today. Rosalie thought as she looked over my daughter. I felt an uncomfortable pit in my stomach when she thought this and decided to go get Renesmee’s breakfast. We were still unsure what to do about Renesemee’s rapid growth and what it meant for her future. To be honest it terrified me but I kept my composure for Bella and our daughter. I would find us a way through this.
I shook those thoughts out of my mind for now and walked back from the kitchen as Bella handed Renesmee to Rosalie so she could feed her. I sat down on the couch and I pulled Bella on to my lap. She rested her head on mine while I started toying with a piece of her hair. After a moment I heard Alice’s mental voice, she was pacing in her room again.

Why won’t she answer my e-mails? And why is her phone always off? I’ve tried all week, it makes no sense, surely she must be back by now! Alice was thinking about Anna and was worried. She looked into the future but saw nothing, just darkness.
“Alice, I’m sure she’s fine. She’ll contact you when she has time.” I said quietly and Alice appeared at the top of the stairs, her usually happy face now a mask of concern and sadness. She really missed Anna, she thought of Anna as a sister now.
“Edward, she’s not answering her mail and her phone is disconnected. We’ve never gone this long without talking in some shape or form.” She sat down at the top of the stairs and put her head on her knees.
“Who are you talking about?” asked Emmett as he flipped through channels on the TV. I hate when you have your private conversations. Speak out loud for the rest of us will you.

“Anna.” Alice said sternly. Who else would be talking about jeez Emmett you can be so slow sometimes. I suppressed a laugh.
“She probably just extended her vacation and doesn’t have access to cell or internet services. These things happen.” I told her. I knew from experience that some places in South America were completely devoid of those little luxuries.
“That’s possible” said Carlisle quietly.

She looked at me incredulously, her eye brow raised. “For two weeks? I really doubt that Edward and besides she would of told me!” I miss her and I want her to meet Nessie. I feel so bad, maybe I should have tried to contact her earlier but with what happened with Bella and Nessie I just didn’t think. I’m a horrible friend. What…what if she doesn’t want to be my friend anymore, what if she’s ignoring me. Alice’s thoughts started to spiral downward at that thought.
“Alice she would never do that.” I said gently, trying to comfort her. I knew how much Anna cared for Alice, for all of us and I was certain she wouldn’t just severe contact like that.

We stared at Alice as she pulled out her phone and dialed Anna’s cell for the sixty-seventh time. There was no ring tone, just a quiet female voice. We’re sorry, this phone is no longer in service. Please hang up and try your call again. Alice shut the phone quickly and rushed to the computer to check her mail again. Nothing. “Something’s wrong.” Alice whispered.

Alice started pacing again while she tried to find Anna’s future but saw nothing. There was a quick blur for less than a second but it was too dark, though the way it shimmered reminded me of grey fabric. It was probably nothing and besides, it was too unclear that neither of us knew what it was, if anything.
“Why can’t I see her?” She said frustrated. She began pacing back and forth in the living room, if she wasn’t careful she was going to ware down the floor. Watching Alice and hearing that Anna’s phone was disconnected Esme started to feel a little worried. What if Alice is right?

“Try her house.” I said quickly. Jasper was starting to feel the growing tension in the room and tried to calm it.

“Her house?” Alice said. She smacked herself on the head with her palm. I can’t believe I forgot to try her house!

“And you call Emmett slow, I can’t believe you haven’t tried calling her house Alice!” I shook my head. When did she call me slow! Emmett growled in his head and glared at Alice.

“Not now Emmett!” Alice said, seeing that he was about to give a retort to her thoughts. “I have always contacted her by her cell because she prefers it, that’s why I forgot.” I’m not slow, Anna just happens to be a creature of habit, she always uses her cell. At that she dialed Anna’s home phone quickly and was relieved when it rang. Maybe her phone broke and their internet is down. That must be it. She doesn’t hate me and she’ll answer and we laugh about her trip and plan her next visit. She thought desperately.

A woman answered the phone but it wasn’t Anna. “Hello” The voice was polite but I detected sadness in it, like someone who had endured enough pain for one lifetime. Alice didn’t, she was just so happy she contacted someone. Everyone was quiet as we listened intently.

“Hello. Is this the Green residence?” Alice asked quickly
“Yes it is” The woman replied, I assumed this was her mother. Alice sighed with relief. YES!
“Is Anna there?” Alice asked enthusiastically. Alice waited for a response but there was nothing but silence on the other end. “Ummm hello?” Alice asked perplexed. Did the phone die? No, I can still hear breathing.
“Who is this?” Her mother said and it sounded like her voice was strangled, as if she was trying to stop from crying.
“My name is Alice, Alice Cullen. I’m a friend of Anna’s. Please, is she there?” Alice said nicely though he began feeling nervous again and so did I. Her mother’s voice sounded off. The next words she said were a whisper.
“Cullen…”There was another pause and there was a definite sob on the other end. “I’m sorry to tell you this but Ann…Annabell…”She was struggling to finish her sentence. “…my daughter died just over a month ago.” Everyone in the room stiffened at these words. My head was bombarded with the others thoughts of denial and shock. Everyone was looking at Alice now, whose was frozen in place with the phone to her ear, her thoughts chaotic. NO! I would have seen it…not possible, she can’t be dead. This is a cruel joke. A lie! Carlisle came over and took the phone from Alice, who just stared blankly ahead while a war raged in her mind.
“Mrs. Green? My name is Carlisle Cullen. What did you just say about Anna? Surely we must have miss-understood you just now.” This has to be a mistake. He thought desperately. Esme had walked over to Alice and was stroking her arm but her thoughts were not much better at the moment.

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