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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 67
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That brought me up short. I didn’t know what to say because to be honest I didn’t have an answer. To be honest I never really thought about it. She nodded at my silence, believing she proved her point. Well I wasn’t giving up. I decided to play psychiatrist and see if I could get her out of here. “I think you’re wrong. You are the same you are just ignoring that part of you even though I know that part wants to break free. You’re allowing them to have power over you by staying here. You’re allowing them to believe you’re weak and pathetic.” I paused but she didn’t respond. This wasn’t working so I decided to take a different approach, taunt that part of her within. I gave a theatrical sigh and shrugged my shoulders. “Maybe they’re right, maybe you are weak.” I shook my head in disappointment as I lied, I knew she was strong she just needed to remember that. I saw her eyes narrow as I jumped off the bed and walked slowly to the door. Suddenly I was pinned against the wall and she was standing by the bed, her hands in fists at her side.
“I am not weak!” she said angrily and I couldn’t help but smile. I saw the fire I missed desperately in her eyes. I couldn’t help but give myself a little pat on the back, well metaphorically since I still couldn’t move. She never ceased to amaze me with her gift and even though I was at her mercy I didn’t feel scared, on the contrary I was excited and elated. “Why are you smiling?” she spat. She was still angry but cocked her head to the side in confusion.

“No particular reason. Does this little outburst mean you’re going to leave this room? My previous offers are still open.” She stared at me for a moment, deciding, before releasing me. She stalked past me and threw open the door and bounded quickly down the hall. I quickly followed and soon was beside her. She was clearly headed towards the garage and I smiled. I had recently acquired a 2009 Lamborghini Gallardo that I thought she would like and though I don’t normally allow others to drive my car I would make an exception. Suddenly she stopped in her tracks and a low growl emitted from her chest. “What is it?” I asked perplexed.

She said one word and it was almost inaudible. “Demetri.” I understood the moment she said his name. While most members of the guard she ignored there were a few that she loathed and while the bound Chelsea created stopped her from killing them I she couldn’t stand to be near them if she could help it. Demetri was definitely one of them and honestly I couldn’t blame her though it was difficult for me, I was actually fairly close with him. I heard light footsteps coming towards us and I assumed he was just around the corner. She turned around and opened a door that led to one of the many libraries. She quickly went in and walked past the numerous shelves to the window. She threw it open and jumped out, landing gracefully three stories down into the private back courtyard. I followed after her landing beside her, marveling at her shear beauty as the moon light made her skin glow. “Not quick enough.” She muttered darkly and slowly walked forward.

She sniffed the night air and sighed. “So what do you want to do now?” I asked. I didn’t matter to me as long as she let in on the plans. I memorized her profile and I ran out of words to describe her. Her eyes were closed so she didn’t see me shake my head in amazement. When did I become such sentimental fool? This was not something I did but I always felt like a totally different person around her. If the guys knew about this they would never let me hear the end of it. I had an image to uphold after all.

“I think I just want to stay here tonight.” She said and walked over to the large fountain in the center of the yard. I marble structure of a beautiful woman in a flowing gown was in the center piece of the fountain. She was kneeling down as she poured water out of a jug. Anna sat on the edge and ran her hands through the water slowly. I stood by her and just watched her in silence.

“Thank you Felix.” She said quietly.
“For what?” I asked curious.
“For being here and telling me what I needed to hear. I think you’re the only friend I have at the moment.” I could see that she meant it but I detected the deep sadness in her voice.

“You’re welcome. Don’t worry, I think in time you will be happy here.” At least I hoped she would be.

She looked up at me. “I don’t think that is possible.” She said sadly and went back to stroking the water. I sat down behind her and instinctively I put an arm around her shoulders to comfort her. She leaned into my chest, almost unconsciously, and I felt my joy go through my body. Even though I knew I was sounding like a sappy romance novel I couldn’t help but feel that this just felt right, her in my arms. Like she always belonged there.

“You never know.” I said quietly. In that moment I silently promised both her and myself that I would make her smile and help her find happiness again. We stayed in the court yard until the sun rose in the horizon causing our skin to shine brilliantly in its rays. I was once again struck by her beauty as I continued to long for her. I knew in that moment what I lived for.

There had to be a way and I would search the entire planet until I found it. I would keep my promise if it was the last thing I ever do.

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