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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 60
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Soon we exited the city through a large archway of ancient stones and he stopped. “We can run from here. You can see the forest.” He inclined his head and I followed his gaze. Suddenly he took off running and I followed. The speed was exhilarating! While he had a head start I quickly caught up to him. My strength propelled me to the point where I was almost flying and for those brief moments I forgot what I was and where I was. I pulled ahead and soon I was dashing through the trees. It was an interesting feeling, the speed and the clarity mixed as one. I continued to run deeper when something caught my attention and I stopped. A second later Felix joined me.
“What is it?” He asked, a hint of amusement in his voice and I held up my hand to silence him. I heard the slow beating of a heart and as the wind blew into my face I caught the sent of something hot and wet. While it wasn’t as appetizing as a human it made my throat burn and I threw myself after it. I crouched behind a tree as I saw a large wolf sniffing the ground, looking for its own prey. I ran at the animal and sank my teeth into his neck before he even registered what happened. Soon the animal was drained dry and I stood up, wiping some of the blood off my mouth. I was covered once again in blood but now dirt was added to the mix. What I didn’t get was that I was still thirsty.
I looked up to see Felix standing beside a tree. “How do you stomach that?” he asked, the look of disgust returning. “Vile smelling creature.” His nose wrinkled.
“Better than the alternative.” I said quietly. He shook his head slowly, clearly not in agreement, but smiled.
“I’m sure you wish to continue for a while longer.” It wasn’t a question but a statement.
“How did you…” I said, not finishing my sentence.

“Because you’re a new born and I remember what the thirst is like. It’s a lot stronger in the beginning and it takes more to satisfy it. Though maybe you do wish to stop since you’re clearly not the average newborn.” He gave me a wink. I was about to respond when I caught the sent of something else. It wasn’t as pleasant as the wolf but I ran after it anyway. I ran into a clearing that contained a small lake and I tackled a large buck, snapping its spinal cord in the process, as I once again drank greedily. It definitely didn’t taste as good as the wolf but I felt the ache in my throat subside slightly. I felt full and sloshy with all the blood I had consumed.

When I was done I stood up and was about to leave when I caught sight of my reflection in the lake. I felt a bolt of fear and sadness run through me when I didn’t recognized my reflection. My skin, which had a healthy tan before, was now ghostly white and as hard and smooth as marble. My once brilliant green eyes were now glowing red like some demon and I shuddered. My features were perfect and while I was, without a doubt, beautiful this creature was not me. This was the face that man last saw before I ended his life and I felt the crushing pain once again mixed with anger.

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