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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 56
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The burning in my throat came back to the forefront of my mind and my hand closed around my throat. “Oh I am so sorry. Your thirst must be terribly uncomfortable. We will take care of that.” He smiled at me and snapped his fingers. Two of the others left the room and my gaze instinctually followed their every movement as they left. Aro saw my confusion and put his hand on my shoulder. “No need to worry, you will be taken care of soon.”

After a moment I felt the other two returning down the hall but they were no longer alone. Each of them was carrying a human, one female the other male, and I soon heard weak voices pleading
“Where are you taking us? Please let us go,” the woman plead. Her voice had a heavy accent that I could not place.

“If you let us go we swear we won’t tell anyone what happened,” said a man.

My eyes widened in horror and I stopped the flow of air into my lungs. NO! I slowly backed away from the entrance, Aro with me, as they entered the room and were flung to the ground. Both had tears in their eyes as they looked around the room at the red eyed monsters here. The girl had dark hair, almost black, that rain straight down her back. Her eyes were a light brown and she was tiny, 5’3 maybe. The man hand chestnut brown hair that was buzzed and had similar coloured eyes. He was larger, about six feet, with a light muscled physique.

“PLEASE I DON’T WANT TO DIE!” The girl shouted. The man was just shaking on the ground. I saw Caius snicker and Jane smile widely while others looked on with varying expressions of amusement.

Aro bent forward and talked lightly into my ear. “Just take a deep breath, your instincts will show you what to do.” I shook my head violently as I continued to hold my breath. I heard their pulses quicken and could see the flow of blood through their skin. Even from here I could feel the heat coming off their skin and my throat burned painfully in response. I closed my eyes and tried to block those thoughts from my head. Aro continued to whisper into my ear, “They are our natural food source. How is it different from when you would eat steak or chicken as a human? Why is one life more precious than the other? You have never tasted anything so delicious. It will help satisfy your thirst. I don’t wish you to be in pain” I shook my head again, hoping he would be quiet. The monster in me was begging to be let loose, to satisfy its thirst as Aro said, and I struggled to keep it reigned in. “It would please me greatly if you took one breath, just one.”

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