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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 55
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Aro suddenly called out in a calm voice, “Chelsea?” I stopped for a moment not understanding. Who was Chelsea? I didn’t think about it for long. I was about to strike when Aro spoke to me quickly, “Anna, it would please me most greatly if you would stop and let us go.” As he said this I stopped in my tracks. While part of me wanted to rip off all their heads I felt this…urge to obey, as if his displeasure would somehow crush me. I wanted to please him but I also wanted to kill him. My face was suddenly in my hands as I battled my conflicting desires. Without seeming to make a conscious decision I slowly straightened out of my crouch and concentrated for a fraction of a second as I released each of their auroras. They fell several feet off the wall, each landing gracefully on the ground.

I raised my head to find Aro staring at me with a wide smile. “Marcus?” he called as he held out his hand. Marcus slowly walked over, his eyes always watching me, and briefly touched Aro’s palm. “Hmmmm, very good, thank you.” Aro said triumphantly. Caius quickly moved to Aro’s side, I watched him warily, and touched Aro’s hand. They stood there for a moment before Aro responded, “Yes brother she is. I told you this would work.” Caius looked over at me and while he was scowling slightly he seemed resigned. I couldn’t make sense of what had just transpired.

I glanced around in confusion as Aro slowly approached. The others were going to follow when he raised his hand to stop them. “Stay, while the demonstration of her newly amplified gifts was quite impressive we do not wish to startle her once again.” He continued towards me, taking care to not startle me. I stood there unmoving and he was eventually standing in front of me.
He placed his hand carefully on my cheek for a moment and I stiffened in response. His hands were no longer cold on my skin and a mix of loathing and pleasure went through my mind as he touched me. I once again grappled with my emotions as they battled it out for supremacy. I couldn’t make sense of what I was feeling. “You’re confused but it is alright it will pass. You will not be harmed, you have my word.” He said slowly. All I did was stare up at him, unsure of what to do or say.

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