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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 50
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He seemed deeply amused by my outburst. “You are a tough one aren’t you but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised coming from such a talented vampire hunter as yourself.”

I was shocked, how the in the world did he know what I was? As far as I could recall Jane and the others never knew and the Cullen’s or the wolves would never have told them. “How…how did you know that?” I asked, my voice shaky though I tried to make it sound strong. I cursed internally, I didn’t want them to know my fear.

He smiled, “You see I have a gift similar to our friend Edward but I am limited in a way that he is not.” His tone was envious. “I need physical contact to hear your thoughts but I can hear every thought your mind has ever had. I took the liberty while you were still unconscious and I must say you have had a fascinating life.” HE WHAT!

“How dare you! You had no right!” I said viciously. I was not only angry that he just helped him self to memories that were private but that he now knew everything about my parents. While my father was gone my mom was still alive and now he knew about her. Where we lived, where she works and what she does. She was in danger and I would never forgive myself if they did anything. I didn’t care what happened to me as long as she was safe and unharmed.
“There’s no need to get angry, it was harmless I assure you.” He walked up and touched my face. His skin felt like shale rather than granite and was somehow even colder. GET OUT OF MY HEAD YOU…At that moment a wide range of curse words ran through my mind. While I was not a fan of Edward hearing my thoughts at least I knew he couldn’t help it and tried his very best not to. Aro could easily stop but didn’t and chose, rather, to abuse his power.

He frowned and removed his hand and stepped back with his brothers, “Now there’s no need for that kind of language but I won’t harm her, she is of no interest or threat to us.” He must mean my mother and while I didn’t trust him a small ray of hope dawned. I prayed he meant it, that she would be safe. Still, I brought myself back to the situation.

“You never answered my question, what do you want?” I was sick and tired of their games.

“I wished to speak with you. After what I saw in Jane’s thoughts I was so curious I knew I just had to meet you. I am very impressed with you Anna and have never met a human like you before. Your control over your gift is remarkable.” He smiled widely as if he paid me some huge compliment.

My eyes narrowed. “Well here I am. I’m Anna nice to meet you.” I said

sarcastically. “This little chat is over. You got what you wanted now either let me go or kill me, either way I am not playing anymore.”
He looked at me in surprise and I saw something in his eyes again. I couldn’t place it but it seemed to be somewhere along the lines of longing or desire. Greed maybe. He spoke gently and slowly. “Actually I have not got what I wanted, not yet anyway but you can remedy that. I’m afraid I can’t let you go but no I will not kill you, it would be such a waste! Instead I am going to make you an offer.” I looked at him questioningly. “Join us.” He said simply.

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