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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 48
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They’re being trained in an open field, this Jasper character is very good but given his past it’s understandable. He, like his mate, would make an excellent addition to the Volturi. She joins in but only for a moment. She is becoming increasingly more close to them without meaning too.
It’s the day of the fight and she is allowing herself to be bait. She is brave and feels no fear. It works and they come straight for her. She takes down two newborns easily as do the others. The field is filled with screams and growls. She pity’s the newborns. Jasper pushes her out of the way for her protection and he gets bitten. They take the newborn down and soon start piling the bodies up high in the flames. Edward bursts into the clearing with Bella. Soon the guard arrives. She holds nothing but contempt and hatred for them. She is afraid but you wouldn’t know it. She is tortured and like before lashes out. She passes out when they leave.
Bella is walking down the isle towards Edward. It’s a beautiful ceremony and soon everyone is outside having fun. She meets the Denali’s and speaks with Eleazar. My dear friend Eleazar, of course he see’s her talent. How I miss him, he was so valuable.

Edward and Bella leave on their honey moon. She knows that Bella will be turned shortly after but is alright with it. It is what Bella wants and will live like the Cullen’s.
I am overjoyed and curious to see young Bella and how she will turn out but I can wait. I have more pressing matters to attend to.

-*Back to the present*-
I removed my hand from her head and laughed. “Wow, that was fascinating!” She truly was one of a kind. I needed to speak with her in person. A human vampire hunter, if I hadn’t seen it through her own thoughts and memories I would have never believed it.

Caius looked annoyed, “What is so fascinating? Is she of any use or can we finally just kill her.” Felix stiffened slightly for some unknown reason but I ignored it. I shook my head.

“Brother we can not kill her because she will be of great use to us. Her talent should not be wasted and her training will come in handy.” Oh the possibilities!
“What training? Explain!” Caius said sharply.
“She is a vampire hunter! She spoke the truth to Demetri when they first met. She has known about us all her life but what she didn’t say was that she was trained to kill us. From what I saw she is very effective.” I was deeply amused but Caius wore a mask of shock.

“Aro you can’t…you can’t be serious. How is that possible? Surely you are mistaken.” He asked. I could not believe he doubted me. Murmurs erupted throughout the room.

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