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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 47
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She put on a smile and lied, “Ya dad, of course.” She paused, “I’m going to go for a shower ok?”

“Alright. You did amazing tonight, I’m proud of you.” He walked up and kissed her on the forehead. He looked into her eyes and she saw the pride there but also concern. He was about to say something but she cut him off. No, he could never know how she felt. She needed to be strong.
“Thanks dad.” She said quickly. She turned and went into the washroom. She jumped into the shower and soon the room began to fill up with steam. She sat at the bottom of the tub, her arms wrapped around her knees, as the water splashed down on her head. Tears began to fill her eyes as she silently cried, her innocence completely gone. She was a killer.
I go through every kill she has ever made and see not only her skill but confidence grow with each passing year. After the death of her father she actively searches for our kind and does not fail to find them. Part of her is consumed by revenge and the other by duty. She fears nothing now, not even death.

She is in Seattle hunting the newborns but there are too many. She senses their maker but can’t catch her and this annoys her deeply. She searches for answers and eventually finds an article leading her to Forks. She’s very bright and good at not only tracking but deduction, a rare skill in the human world.

She is looking for answers in Forks but is currently as a native reservation called La Push. Some of the men there are not completely human. She confronts them and they say they are werewolves. They tell her about the Cullen’s and she is shaken.

She meets the Cullen’s. As they talk about the situation in Seattle she discovers the possible reason for the creation of the newborns. They decide to create an alliance to destroy them. She likes them surprisingly but is still cautious.

They are having a party and discussing strategy. Alice see’s them coming for Bella and they have to refine their plans. They are concerned, the numbers are not in their favour and the Denali’s won’t help. Suddenly the wolves are going to join them and hope is rekindled. Hmmm it seems the Cullen’s didn’t take care of the on there own. Miss guided fools thinking they’re werewolves. They are clearly shapeshifters but still their existance intrigues me.

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