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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 46
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“DAD! GET IT OFF PLEASE!” she screamed.

He was pushing on the boulder. “I’m trying Anna! Hold on I need more leverage.” He ran to a tree about a hundred meters away and started to hack at a giant branch. Her eyes were closed but she sensed her father running back and as she screamed out once again in pain she felt the rock. Her mind, wanting the pain to stop, lashed out and the rock moved off her foot on its own. First she registered surprise for what she did, it had to be her because her father had not reached her yet, but then the pain came. She screamed even louder in agony.

“ANNA! What happened?” Her father yelled in a panicky voice. He did not get a response, she blacked out.

She was twelve sitting at the dining room table and there were salt shakers in front of her. She concentrated hard on them, trying to get them to move but so far they hadn’t budged.
“C’mon! Please move.” She pleaded. Nothing. Her eyes blurred over for a moment because tears were in her eyes. She felt like a failure. Ever since the rock slide she had been trying for months but hadn’t moved anything again. She knew she did it, she felt it. Her father wasn’t so sure but still didn’t want her trying again, he thought it was too dangerous after her coma. She had been trying when her parents weren’t around and only in little bits of time. She wiped the tears away and tried again with more determination. After a few minutes the salt shaker moved a few inches towards her.
“YES I DID IT!” She jumped up and punched the air. Her hand came down and held her head. “Oww!” I whispered. Her head really hurt and she felt exhausted. She went to get asprin excited that she finally succeeded. She went for a nap and was asleep for fourteen hours. Her parents were concerned and suspicious. She couldn’t lie to them and told them everything.

She was fourteen and had just come back from her first hunt and her first kill. She was really shaken. She had trained all her life for this and when it came down to it she didn’t hesitate but somehow it was so much more real and different the actual act. Seeing the light leave their burgundy eyes, the blood flow down the blade and the body burning in the flames. She suppressed a shudder.

“Anna, are you alright?” her father asked.

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