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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 43
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Ep 10-12

I was curious about the other coven of ‘vegetarian’ vampires but I had only felt and seen them from a distance today. “Sure, I would love too.” I said genuinely. He smiled and led the way. We approached them as they stood a little away from the crowd. There were four and I wondered where their other member was, the Cullen’s had told me there were five of them.

“Anna, this is Tanya, Kate, Carmen and Eleazar.” He pointed to each of them as we muttered hellos. They each had the same golden eye colour that the Cullen’s possessed. Each eyed me curiously.
Eleazar spoke to me, “Carlisle has told us a great deal about you. I have never heard of a vampire hunter before, especially one that is human.”

“I’m sure there aren’t a lot of us out there. I wouldn’t be surprised if I was the only one alive at the moment.” I said truthfully. I had never heard or seen another hunter outside my family.

He gave me a strange look, as if he were concentrating on something. “Hmmm, Carlisle was right. You do have a gift, probably the strongest I have felt from a human. In some ways it’s similar to Demetri’s gift, very interesting.” I raised my eye brow. Who was Demetri and what did he mean by he felt my gift.

Carlisle, sensing my confusion explained. “Demetri is a member of the Volturi, you met him a few weeks ago. He was the other one you so elegantly told off.” Ahhh, the tall one with attitude. I smirked and so did he. “Demetri is the Volturi’s tracker. Once he meets someone he can grab onto the tenor of ones mind and follow it across great distances. As for Eleazar he has a gift of his own. He can sense the talents of others and give a general idea of what it is. I told him about you but he wished to see for himself.” He turned to Eleazar, “So what do you think.” The way he said that made me feel like an experiment, though I knew that was not his intention.

He nodded his head, “Impressive.” We continued for much of the evening talking and learning about one another. Eleazar questioned me in great detail as to what I could do and the others listened intently. After I finished they explained that Kate also had a gift. As Kate was telling me about her particular gift suddenly everyone tensed and turned their attention toward the edge of the forest that was concealed in darkness. I sensed Bella, Edward, Jacob and Seth but something was wrong. Jacob’s aura seemed to be stuck between his two forms and I guessed he was trying to keep from phasing. I glanced at the crowd but no one seemed to notice what was going on. After a tense minute eventually Sam emerged in his wolf form as he and Seth pushed Jacob into the tree’s. What was that about?

Eventually things seemed to return to normal as Bella and Edward went back onto the dance floor. No one but me and palest faces in the room seemed to know that something just transpired. I continued to talk with Eleazar and Kate, actually enjoying their company, while the others dispersed with the Cullens.

Soon Alice was prying Bella away from Edward as they kissed. Everyone, including me, laughed when she reluctantly relinquished her hold around his neck as Alice dragged her away to change. Everyone made their way inside in order to say goodbye before they left.

As they walked towards their car hand in hand they were showered with rice. Emmett kept pelting large amounts at Edwards back and soon Jasper joined in, making it into a quick game.

“Fifty points if you hit his head, twenty five for any limbs and ten for his back. One with the highest score wins” Emmett chimed and he and Jasper took better aim. This time I did smack them though I don’t think they noticed.

They stepped into their car, which had a number of designer shoes attached behind them, and drove off as they waved good bye. They disappeared down the road to begin what I hoped would be a life full if happiness and free of trials and hardship.

– 2 days later –

“Do you really have to leave so soon?” Alice whined as we stood just inside the airport.

“You know my mom and I are going on vacation in a week. I need to go home to get ready for the trip.” I smiled at her apologetically but then gave her a stern look. “Now Alice, I don’t want you to be looking for my future.” She opened her mouth to argue but I put up my finger to silence her. “I’m serious Alice. How am I supposed to fill you in on all my amazing adventures when you know them before I do? Please?”

She sighed, “Fine I won’t look for you but that doesn’t mean I won’t see but seriously Anna your going for a month, how do you expect me to wait that long?”
I laughed and rolled my eyes. “I’m sure you’ll survive. Besides I promise to visit when I get back.” She smiled at this as we made are way to customs.
Flight 786 is now boarding. Alice hugged me one last time and I shook hands with Jasper before I made my way towards the gate. As I went through the doors I waved back at them and smiled not knowing I wouldn’t be seeing them for a very long time. Sometimes happiness is not meant to last…

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