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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 37
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The calm Before the Storm
Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking. We will be arriving at the Port Angeles Air Port in approximately fifteen minutes. If you would please secure any loose items, return your trays to their up right position and secure your safety belts. Thank you! At that moment the seat belt light chimed on as people began to make their way back to their seats.
I put my magazine into my carry on bag and placed it back into the overhead compartment. It was the first time I had moved from my seat since take off but it wasn’t a long flight. I sat back down and fastened my seatbelt with an audible click, one of many taking place on the aircraft at the moment. As I looked out the window a light drizzle began to coat the glass. Normally this weather would depress me but I felt nothing but excitement.

I hadn’t been back to Forks in weeks but I actually missed it, not the weather or the never ending green but the people who lived there, my friends. Alice and I had exchanged emails weekly, sometimes talking about the wedding and sometimes just talking about our days. She already had my dress picked out and paid for despite the endless arguments telling her not to. The dress was for Bella and Edward’s wedding, which was to take place in four days. My mind had gone over a million times of what Alice had possibly done but I figured I was probably way off despite all the endless conversations I endured over the wedding plans. Alice was an unpredictable force of nature.

I was wearing one of the many outfits that Alice gave me the last time I saw her. I still didn’t agree with everything she bought for me but I figured it would make her happy to see that I was wearing it. It was simple, just a pair of fitted black jeans with a light blue shirt that had sleeves that flared out slightly at the end, though my coat was covering most of it.
The plane began its decent into the cold rainy climate of Washington and I tried to ignore the annoying popping in my ears. Soon, sooner than I thought, I felt a jolt as the tires landed on the tarmac. Thank you ladies and gentlemen for flying with United Air Ways. Please exit the plane in an orderly and safe fashion. We hope you enjoy your stay and have a pleasant day.

It didn’t take long for everyone to grab their things and pile out of the plane and soon I was being put through customs, my bag on my shoulder. I waited patiently for my luggage at the one and only luggage pick up. I looked around but there wasn’t much to see. It had to be the smallest airport I had ever been in. The walls were a light shade of blue, almost white, with concrete flooring and it was clear they had not redecorated it in about thirty years. There were a few advertisements on the walls trying to sell trips to China, South America, France and a few others. There were a few small cafés, a gift shop, a washroom, a waiting area and one small board that indicated which flights were arriving and leaving. It seems that Port Angeles did not get a lot of air traffic.

Soon I saw my bag slowly coming towards me on the rotating cylinder. I grabbed it quickly and began wheeling my way towards the exit. On the other side of the parking lot was a car rental shop and that would be my first stop. I had only walked a few meters, however, before I felt two familiar auras. I kept walking but a smile began to play on my face as I soon saw Alice Cullen dancing lightly through the doors towards me, Jasper close behind her.
“ANNA!” she threw her arms around me and I let go of my luggage as I hugged her back. She was practically hopping in my arms and it took all my strength to keep my feet planted on the ground.
“Hey Alice! I should have known you’d be here though I could have just rented a car, there was no need.” I said into her head. I had forgotten how small she was.
She let go and looked at me, “But where would the fun be in that. Plus I couldn’t wait to see you, same with Jasper.” She grasped his hand tightly and looked up at him.

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