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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 36
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I put the phone away and suddenly Alice’s tiny little arms were around me. I hugged her back realizing just how much I was going to miss her. “Bye Anna!” She said and it sounded like she may cry if she could.
She released me and I smiled back at her, “Bye Alice.” Esme found me next and she also hugged me.

“Goodbye dear. We’ll see you at the wedding right?”

I laughed, “Sure, I wouldn’t miss it for the world.” I was terribly curious to see the vampire-human wedding and to see what Alice’s imagination cooked up this time. Emmett walked up and held out his fist. I smirked and put my fist to his.
“Ha, see ya around Buffy. Don’t be a stranger, you may need to protect the innocent town folk of Forks.” The trees echoed with his booming laugh and laughed a little myself. Emmett was such a teddy bear. Tough on the outside and fluff on the inside. Edward pressed his lips together trying not to laugh at my thoughts surrounding his brother. I shook hands with Edward and Carlisle, even Rosalie, and hugged Bella. Jasper walked up and extended his hand. I shook it and he cracked a smile.

“Nice working with you. Though I hope we never have to again but I mean that in the best possible way.” I understood and nodded my head while Emmett grumbled “Speak for yourself.”
I opened the driver side door and hopped in while I started the engine. Alice was at my open window and waved good bye “Bye.” She said softly

I smiled, “Bye. I’ll see you soon.” She smiled at that and nodded her head. I stepped on the gas and took off down the winding path while I saw them in the rear view mirror waving. As I turned off onto the highway and began the long drive home I once again felt happy and free. I knew I would see them again and with that thought I pushed my car forward as rain began to fall from the sky.

It took me two days to get home but soon I was pulling up to a familiar driveway while the sun beat down upon the roof. As soon as I shut off the engine I saw my mom was in the door way, tears building in her eyes. I jumped out and ran into her open arms. I probably looked like some five year old but I didn’t care if people saw. Nothing could ruin this reunion between my mom and I.
“ANNABELL! I missed you so much sweetie. I’m so glad your home.” He arms tightened around me and I hugged her back fiercely.

“I’ve missed you to mom. It’s good to be home” She finally released me and began checking me over.
“Are you ok? You’re not hurt are you?” She asked while she continued to look me over.

“I’m fine mom, like I said I would be. You worry too much.” I shook my head but I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. I was just so happy to see her.

She looked at my face for a moment and she looked puzzled. “Annabell, you look…different.” I didn’t know what to say. I guess in many ways I was different and my mom saw the difference, even if it wasn’t physically distinct. She smiled again “We’ll talk about it later come in and tell me everything that happened.” We started to walk through the threshold when I wondered what I was going to tell her. Should I tell her everything? I wasn’t sure if she could handle it or would understand.

We sat on the couch and she took my hand. “What happened?” She asked again. I hesitated, still unsure about what to say. My phone vibrated in my pocket and I quickly opened it. I had a new text message.
She’ll take it just fine, don’t worry. Tell her everything. Email me later, I need to talk to you!

I smiled and put my phone away. Oh Alice. “Who was that?” my mother asked. I don’t think I had ever gotten a text that wasn’t form her or another family member.
“I’ll tell you after but first I need to explain everything.”

I smiled and began telling her not only what happened but how my life was forever changed. I was not the same person and for that I was glad. I was happier than I had been in a long time and I hoped that this happiness would never leave.

Light shone through the window and onto my skin as the sun once again welcomed me home.

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