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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 35
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This went on for over two hours and it wasn’t till Carlisle came in to unhook my IV, though I had forgotten all about it as I tried to keep up with Alice, that I got a chance to voice my desire to get cleaned up. Alice crossed her arms and pouted but agreed to let me escape. I gave Carlisle an appreciative smile and left the room,

Alice shouted “We’ll talk later.” I just shook my head, no point in arguing with Alice.

-Next Day-

I was walking out of the Cullen’s household to my car, Alice right beside me. I was going home today and while I was really going to miss them I couldn’t wait to so my mom. She had been so excited when I told her I was on my way home today. Alice wasn’t smiling but I saw something mischievious in her eyes. What was she planning? I had already said no to a party, I couldn’t go through that again and I refused to let myself be a scapegoat for yet another addiction of hers.
I was at my car, the rest of them there when Alice began talking. “Anna, we’re officially friends now right?” The question seemed innocent enough but I didn’t exactly trust it.
“Sure Alice.” I said politely
“Say it.”

I looked at her confused, “Say what?”
She just shook her head as if she were conversing with a two year old. “Say that we are officially friends.”

I looked at the rest of them but they all looked as confused as me…except for Edward. He looked like he was trying to hold back his laughter. What is she planning? I asked suspiciously but he just shook his head. “Why does it matter that I say those exact words Alice?”

Once again she pulled out the face that would break even Satan’s cold heart. “Are you saying you don’t want to be my friend officially.” Her tone made me want to hug her. Though I knew it was an act and I had a feeling I would regret this soon I gave in.

“Alice…we are officially friends. Happy?” I expected her to jump up and down in victory but she just bolted back into her house and to the second floor. Two seconds later she was dancing back out with something large in her hand. She stopped in front of me and I realized it was a large blue suit case. While I knew she was a vampire the case still looked too big and too heavy to be carried by someone as small as her.
“Alice, what is that?” I asked
“It’s your suit case of course.” Now she was jumping up and down.
I raised an eye brow, “Ummm Alice all my stuff is packed, and I only had two cases to begin with and both are accounted for in my car.”

“I know but as my OFFICIAL act as your friend I decided you need some new clothes” She just shook her head in pity as she looked me over. “Sooooo, I am giving you a whole new wardrobe. You’re welcome!” She ran to my car and threw the case in. Everyone was in fits of laughter now while I stood there stunned. Why does she keep doing this to me?
Edward suddenly spoke, “Trust me, its not just you she does this to. We have to live with the little monster.” He shook his head but his eyes held nothing but affection for his pixi like sister.

Alice was in front of me once again. “You should be more grateful Edward. You only look so good because of my shopping expertise. I shudder to think what you or your closet would look like without me.”
“Alice really I can’t take that, it’s too much.” I pleaded but she just shook her head. “Alice I’m serious!”
“It’s already packed so accept it.” I was about to argue when suddenly she took out a small blue cell phone…my cell phone. I automatically put my hand in my left pocket where it was not five minutes ago. It was gone. How in the hell did she get it without me knowing? While I thought this she continued, “Now, I’ve programmed our numbers in for you and it has all our e-mails as well.” She threw the phone back to me and I caught it in my right hand. At the moment the screen displayed not only a lovely picture of Alice but her number and e-mail as well. I was curious about her email though. ACPS hotmail. com
“Alice, about your email. I get the AC but what is the PS for?” I tried a few combinations in my head but I couldn’t make sense of it.
She rolled her eyes as if it were obvious. “Alice Cullen Professional Shopper… Duh!” I started laughing. It was obvious now that I thought about it. “Now I expect regular e-mails from you Anna and I will hunt you down if you don’t.” She took a step forward and her eyes narrowed. To be honest she looked a little scary at the moment and I took a step back.

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