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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 34
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“Well.” She said, impatience leaking into her voice.

“I think she’ll live but I want her to rest.” He turned to Alice and gave her a stern look. “I’m serious Alice.”

She gave her best pouty face and my heart nearly broke, she just look so sad and nodded her head as Carlisle and Esme left. As soon as the door clicked shut she jumped up and sat right beside me, her smile back in place. I just shook my head and continued to eat. After a minute of silence she turned to me “Do you know what cure you need.” I opened my mouth to tell her was fine but she continued. “Shopping thearpy!” she clapped her hands together and my face fell.
“Alice that would be the opposite of helpful, trust me.” I just shook my head, Alice never stops does she. “Plus I’m not going to let you use my fainting spell as an excuse to feed your addiction.”

She stuck her tongue out, “I’ll convert you eventually.” She said under her breath.
“You can try.” And I continued to eat my food. I saw her glancing at me in my peripheral vision and it looked like she wanted to ask something. “Just spit it out Alice and ask me your question.” I said bluntly.

She turned to me and looked me in the eyes, I could see a mix of happiness but cautiousness there. “Anna, do you remember the night of our graduation party?”
I rolled my eyes, how could I forget after what she forced me to wear. “Of course, what about it?”

“Well I was thinking about that question you asked me, the one just before Bella and Edward arrived.” I felt my body stiffen I little bit. “I was just wondering why you were being so nice to us?” she paused for a minute and when I didn’t speak she continued “Not that I mind, on the contrary I love it but you of all people could have treated us like any other vampire coven and kept your distance but you haven’t. I think you actually like us but I want to know why, well other than the obvious reason that I’m just to adorable not to like.” She gave me a wink but her question was serious.

I looked down for moment. I had thought about this myself over the last week or so. She waited while I thought about it. She was right, I really did like them…a lot. I turned to her and told her the truth.
“Well besides the obvious reason, I have never really had friends or any other sort of relationship with people outside my family. I always felt like I couldn’t afford to. In addition to the obvious danger that I could put people in, what if they found out who I was and what I did? I guess I was afraid I would be seen as some crazy…freak. Though I’m still not entirely sure that I’m not.” I laughed without humor. “At first I did try to keep my distance from you guys but seriously Alice you made that a little difficult. You practically threw me into your life” She smiled sheepishly and shrugged. I took a deep breath as more confessions left my mouth. “Alice, for once in my life I didn’t have to pretend I was something I wasn’t. You knew who and what I was and yet you befriended me and accepted me. Outside my family I have never had that.” I looked down at my food a little uncomfortable. I was never one to share my feelings, I had always seen it as a sign of weakness. Forks had changed me in so many ways.

We sat in silence while I continued to pick at the food. She put her arms around my shoulders and put her head against mine as if she’s known me for years. “I understand, more than you think. Thank you for telling me.” We stayed like that for a minute, man I still had over an hour to go before I could get up out of this bed. D--n, I really wanted to move around , take a shower and change my clothes. Alice gave a little jolt beside me, “OH! I can’t believe I forgot to tell you. Edward and Bella are getting married this summer and she’s letting me plan it!” She started bobbing up and down and brought me along with her. “Its going to be amazing, you want to hear what I have planned so far?!” I didn’t get a chance to reply, she just went off talking about the colour scheme, the theme, linens, Bella’s dress, her dress, flowers, the reception. I only caught bits and pieces since her mouth was on over drive.

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