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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 31
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Jane was staring at me ten meters from where she was before and she no longer stood up right. The other cloaks looked back and forth between us in shock. Jane bounded to her feet and back to her previous spot in less than a second, her smile gone. “What did you just do to me.” She asked viciously, a deep growl emitting in her chest. It took me a second to realize that I must of used my mind to throw her away from me. It would explain why I felt like my head was going to explode within my skull. I had never managed to move a person before, they are more complex than inanimate objects that have less substance and no will. I had just pushed my mind to its limits and I knew it would not be long before I lost hold of reality.

“I don’t know what your talking about” I lied smoothly but it was just a whisper.
“Don’t lie to me.” She said angrily but to my surprise she did not torture me again. I couldn’t be sure but behind her rage I thought a saw fear.

Carlisle intervened, “As I said before, Anna is gifted. She acted defensively but obviously you were not harmed. There is no need for this to continue.” His voice tense as he tried to calm the situation. Alice helped me get on my feet and while I stood straight and tried to hide my pain I was leaning heavily on her. My outburst, despite its justification, was incredibly dangerous and risky for all of us and it was not just the pain, both past and present, that made me regret my actions. I reacted on a whim and on my emotions and that was foolish.

Jane looked like she was about to argue but the other who spoke earlier just shook his head. While she scowled at him for a second she turned back to us and acted as if nothing had happened. “Well it appears there’s not much left for us to do. Strange, we are not use to being rendered unnecessarily.” He voice was becoming apathetic once again but her eyes were still glazed over with anger. “It looks like it would have been an interesting fight to watch.”
“Yes and you were so close” Edward replied sharply. “If you had arrived only an hour earlier you could have fulfilled your purpose.” While I knew there was meaning behind his words I couldn’t muster the strength or desire at the moment to think about it.

“Yes, quite a pity.” She replied. She turned towards Bree. “Felix?” she called in an obvious bored tone. I was hoping this meant they would just leave now.

“Wait.” Edward quickly said and he looked towards Carlisle. “We could teach her the rules and how to control herself. She seems willing to learn. She was used and manipulated, she didn’t realize what she was doing.”

Carlisle agreed “We would be willing take responsibility for Bree.”
Jane looked at the two of them, her eye brows raised. She was clearly trying to decide whether she was more amused or shocked at their request. Her eyes, however, became cold, “That may be but we do not grant second chances.” She paused and looked at Bella. “Speaking of which, Caius will be so interested to learn that you are still human Bella.”

Alice gripped me slightly tighter and spoke, “The date is set, perhaps we’ll visit you in a few months.”

Jane didn’t even acknowledge Alice’s existence and merely shrugged. She turned to leave. “Felix, take care of that. I want to go home.” Her voice bored, as if she were speaking about the weather. There was a low growl and the large one sprang forward, blocking the girl from site as the sounds of her stone flesh being ripped apart echoed through the mountains. When he was finished, and the smoke became ever thinker, she merely called them away. Their cloaks rippled in the wind as they walked across the field and disappeared into the trees.
Once I could no longer feel them my mind sought out a reprieve from the pain and I succumbed to the darkness willingly.

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