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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 29
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“The Cullens have told me nothing” I said calmly but every word was coated with venom. “I have been aware of your kind for some time and I sought the Cullens out. They are innocent in that matter. If you have a problem you may address me.” Everyone just looked at me disbelieving. I thought I was polite enough though they didn’t even deserve the dirt off the bottom of my shoes. Maybe because I showed no ounce of fear addressing them, despite how I actually felt. Either way, he was about to respond when Jane whispered quickly to him. While I could not hear what she said he nodded and stepped back, Alice’s eyes narrowed slightly as she looked at her.

Jane smiled in Carlisle’s direction and spoke in an almost sickly sweet tone. “Aro hoped that we would get far enough west to see you Carlisle. He sends his regards.”

“Thank you. I would appreciate if you conveyed mine to him.” Carlisle replied politely but his body was tense.
“Of course.” She said as if it would give her the utmost pleasure. I wanted to call her out on the outrageous fraud. “Well it seems you have done our job for the most part.” She eyed the girl rocking back and forth by the flames. “Just out of curiosity how many were they.”

“Twenty, including this one.” Carlisle answered.

They exchanged glances as they re-examined the pile of bodies burning before them. Shock flashed across their faces. “Twenty?” she said, her voice disbelieving.
“They were all new and unskilled.” Carlisle answered. While he said this dismissively even I knew that this would have be an extraordinary feet if we had, in reality, done this on our own.

“All? Then who was their creator.” She said sharply.

Edward answered her, “Her name was Victoria. She had another with her but he was little over a year.” He inclined his head to the other pillar of smoke and her eyes followed.
“These two are in addition to the twenty?” Edward merely nodded. “And who dealt with the other two?” this was obviously unnerving to her.

“I did.” Edward answered.
Determined to catch us in a lie she turned to the young girl. “You, what is your name.” she said sharply. The girl did not answer and merely glared at Jane. I expected her to demand for the girls name once again or at least frown in displeasure but she didn’t. She merely smiled very sweetly and looked at the young girl.

Suddenly the field was filled with ear splitting scream as the young girls body began to contort in obvious pain yet no one was touching her. I looked at Jane in horror and quickly realized why the Volturi kept her and why the others followed her orders. I looked at the Cullens but each of their faces each wore the same neutral mask. I caught Bella looking intently at Alice’s face and then Esme’s, anywhere but the torture, as she tried to hide the obvious pain in her eyes listening to the young girl.

The screaming stopped as I looked back. She was shaking violently on the ground and gasping for breath. Jane addressed her once again, “Your name!”

“Bree,” the girl said breathlessly. Suddenly she began to scream again. Jane smiled became more pronounced as she watched the poor creature suffer. I may have hunted vampires and ended many lives but despite all my hatred towards them in the past I was never cruel and I had never drawn out the pain. What I was witnessing at this moment was nothing short of disgusting.

“You don’t have to do that” Edward said through his teeth, his face displaying the same disgust I felt. “She’ll tell you anything you want to know.”

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