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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 28
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The newborn began to wail loudly and while she stole several glances at me she focused her glare on Bella, her eyes glowing brilliantly. Jasper growled and she shrunk back, continuing to let out smaller cries and dug her hands into the moist earth. I still didn’t agree with keeping her alive. Jasper looked like he was tensed to spring when Carlisle was quickly at his side.

“You must calm yourself down young one. We do not wish to destroy you but if cannot control yourself…” he cut off there. He did not relish the idea of killing the young girl.
“How can you stand it!” she shrieked, “I want them.” She groaned. Her hand clasped firmly on her throat smudging it with dirt as she rocked back and forth.

“You must stand it. It is the only way to save yourself.” He responded gravely. He was about to continue talking when everyone became utterly still and I felt five unfamiliar auras enter the clearing. They were here.
I couldn’t see them through the blinding smoke but I felt them moving swiftly towards us. Both Carlisle and Jasper stepped back towards us and the rest of them came closer together. Alice grabbed my hand and indicated for me to fall back ever slightly with her to stand with Bella and Edward. It was the safest place and while I felt cowardly for doing so I also knew Alice was probably doing this for a reason.

I had just begun to make out shapes through the smoke when I heard apathetic yet cold voice “Hmmm”.

“Welcome Jane.” Edward said, no emotion in his voice as he eyed the approaching group.
Five cloaked figures came into view then, the smallest and darkest cloak leading the way. I could just make out the features of the woman, or should I say girl. As she was the only female present in that particular grouping I assumed this was Jane. The others ranged in size and their cloaks each displayed different shades of grey. They all seemed to be following Jane, though she seemed to be the most unthreatening of the group. One’s size in particular reminded me of Emmett. That one let his hood fall back and gave a wink in Bella’s direction. I risked a glance in her direction and I could see that both she and Edward were frozen in place.

They stopped a short distance away as they surveyed each of us. Jane’s eyes bore into mine for what seemed like an eternity before gazing down at the newborn. “I don’t understand.” She said quietly and the others murmured in agreement.

“She has surrendered.” Edward said quickly.
“Carlisle gave her the option. Since she stopped her attack we did not believe it was necessary to destroy her. She was never taught.” Edward stated simply.
“There are no options for those who break our rules.” She said sharply.
Carlisle spoke this time, “That is, of course, in your hands.” He did not smile.

She cocked her head to the side for a moment and looked back at me. “And that one?” The others looked at me with a mix of interest and confusion as they exchanged glances.
“She is a friend and has…assisted us with today’s events.” Carlisle said calmly. I felt Alice edge slightly closer to me as I continued to stare into the deceivingly sweet face of Jane.
She smiled “Assisted? How is that possible, she is just a weak human?” My eyes narrowed. Stupid, arrogant, self righteous bloodsU-Cking demon. I would love to show them what this ‘weak’ human could do and wipe their smug smiles off their faces. Edward shot me a warning glance. Yes Edward I know, don’t instigate a fight. I can’t help my thoughts but I have no intentions on acting on them.

I could see Carlisle was hesitant to answer her question about me. We wanted them to know as little as possible about who and what I am. “She is gifted.” He said eventually. Another stepped forward at this point, his cloak the darkest after Jane’s.

“It does not matter. She is a human and you have once again exposed our secrets.” He spat. Carlisle was about to defend my presence but I felt the need to speak. I was not going to let him or any of them bare the brunt of this attack or blame.

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