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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 26
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Suddenly the air was filled with the most horrific wolf’s howl. Someone was in a lot of pain. Carlisle suddenly disappeared into the trees along side Emmett and Alice. One had somehow slipped through the cracks. Someone got hurt and I felt a pit in my stomach. Jasper remained unmoved from his spot. He was clearly guarding the young girl.
“Jasper, why is she still alive?” I asked. I knew I sounded cold but I didn’t think it was wise to keep her alive. She was dangerous.
“Carlisle offered her a chance to surrender and live…so she did.” I could tell he didn’t approve.

Esme walked over to stand beside me as we waited for the others to come back with news. We didn’t know who was hurt, or if they were still alive, and my nerves were on fire. Jasper was to focused on the girl in front of him to notice.
The three of them remerged from the trees a few moments later, alone. “Carlisle, who got hurt? Are they all right?” Esme said quietly.
He walked over, the others following closely behind him, “Jacob Black.” Oh no, poor Jacob, poor Bella. I didn’t exactly know what their relationship was but I knew they were close. He saw our concern and continued, “He’ll be alright. He had to save another wolf and one of the newborns got his hands around him, crushed most of the bones on the right half of his body. He had already begun to heal when I arrived.” I felt a wave of relief that was quickly shattered, “I’ll do what I can for him once they Volturi are gone.” I had forgotten about the Volturi during the fight but now I felt a shiver run through my body.

Carlisle spoke, “Alice, can you see what will happen if Anna stays? Is she in any danger?”
She closed her eyes, the wolves no longer blocking her sight. “At the moment I don’t see them threatening her but they could easily change their minds in a second.” She paused, “But there isn’t enough time to get her out of here and also return and they’ll be suspicious if we’re not all here. Demetri could easily find us and I think its more dangerous if they find her with only one of us there. It’s best if she stays. I doubt they’ll try anything with all of us here.”

Carlisle nodded his head and looked at me, “Are you going to be ok with this?”
I realized I couldn’t afford to be afraid at the moment. We needed a united strong front so I swallowed my fear and calmly replied, “I’ll be fine.”

At that moment Edward burst into the field, Bella limp and unconscious in his arms. I looked north to the mountains and saw a pillar of deep smoke rising upward. What happened?


Edward ran straight for us, worry and fear in his eyes, and placed Bella’s body gently onto the ground keeping her head on his lap, “Carlisle, she won’t wake up.” His voice was tense as he spoke desperately to his father. “Bella love, can you hear me? Please wake up.” He began stroking her face.

Carlisle knelt by calmly by her head and began to check her pulse “Edward I need to know what happened.” His hand continued to examine her. “Was she injured?”

“No but not for lack of trying on Victoria’s part.” He said darkly and a low growl emitted from his throat.
“Victoria? Was she the one behind this son?” Carlisle asked. As he said this the rest of them tensed and began staring cautiously around the field. I’m guessing this Victoria was not exactly a friend of theirs.

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