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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 25
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The wolves were forcing the newborns into the clearing, their teeth barred and hair on end. They began to panic as they tried to find an escape. A huge russet coloured wolf darted out of the trees pinning one of them to ground as his teeth tore into a boy’s body. The others fled but the wolves were too quick, taking them down in twos. I heard screams if “RILEY! WHERE ARE YOU?!” but they were soon cut off. No mercy was shown.
I felt Jasper darting throughout the field, helping the others, an army of one. He was currently with Esme but I couldn’t pay attention to them long as another came for me. I didn’t hesitate and as I cut through his neck I heard Emmett laughing while he finished off one of the newborns. I couldn’t believe he was actually having fun and this annoyed me. My thoughts were full of pity for those who were dying. They had clearly been created, used and manipulated for someone else’s gain. As the body of the newborn fell to the ground I was suddenly flung ten feet across the field, landing hard on the ground as I rolled several more feet.

I heard Jasper yell in pain. I looked up and saw a newborn was biting deeply into his left forearm, his arm bent backwards in such a way that Jasper could not make a move. In my moment of distraction I had not noticed this one coming for me. Jasper had seen the danger and pushed me out of the way but did not have time to protect himself. I quickly flipped my knife, held the blade and threw it into the newborns arm with every ounce of force I had. He barely let out scream as it plunged deep into his skin for when his mouth had released Jasper, and his grip had slackened, he struck without hesitation. His teeth crazed over his neck as he cut deeply through the skin. Soon the newborn lay dead on the ground and Jasper preceded to dismember the body.

I looked away from the gruesome sight as I sat still on the ground. It was almost over, the screams were fading and all but a very few newborn auras had died out. As last of the newborns were being dealt with, pillars of smoke began to slowly rise up. I stood up and was about to assist Jasper, who was gathering pieces and throwing them into the fire, when I felt Esme rush over and pull me into a hug.

“Oh dear I saw the whole thing. Are you all right?” she asked and sq££zed a bit tighter.
“Fine…can’t…breath…” I managed to choke out and she quickly let go. I took a deep breath and looked into her concerned face.
“I’m fine thanks to Jasper. No damage done.” Just the usual, headache and a few bruises, I’ve had worse. I smiled and she seemed convinced. She walked over to Jasper and touched him lightly on the face before joining Carlisle. Esme truly was such a gentle caring soul.

I walked over towards Jasper and assisted him in carrying the various parts to the flames. They felt cool and hard as stone and I did my best to think of them that way. However, ever few seconds another arm or foot would twitch in my hands. The piles began to grow ever higher. It was truly a disturbing sight, the multiple bodies burning in the flames. We did this in silence and I noticed that he would occasionally rub the spot where he had been bitten. I felt terribly guilty.
“I’m fine Anna. No need to feel guilty.” He suddenly said and I realized he must have felt my guilt radiating out of every pore.
“Jasper.” He turned towards me. I walked up and wrapped my arms around his shoulders. “Thank you. You saved my life.” I couldn’t believe I was hugging a vampire. I was definitely loosing my mind but still my voice was filled with gratitude. Though I could tell from the moment I had touched him he had stopped breathing he still returned my hug. We quickly broke apart and began walking around assisting the others. Alice looked over and gave us a blinding smile.

The wolves were emerging one by one, pieces of pale stone in their teeth and dropped them in front of the fires. I quickly ran over and assisted them in the clean up. Suddenly Emmett called from across the field, “Yo Buffy! How many did you slay?” he said with a huge grin. Is he ever going to call me by my actual name? I shrugged it off.
“Two!” I shouted back and continued to add to the pile. The rest had each gotten one on their own and assisted with others, Jasper partook in most of the killings it seemed. In the end I counted nine. I was about to point out we were missing one when I saw Carlisle and Jasper standing over something. I couldn’t properly see through the blinding smoke that began to assault my senses.
As I walked over I could see the shape of a young girl lying on the ground. She had dark hair and was about fifteen. She was digging her claws into the dirt and shaking back and forth. It was clearly one of the newborns but I couldn’t understand why they were keeping her alive. Her eyes shot up and a low feral growl emitted from her chest, her blood red eyes conveying her lust for my blood. Jasper took a step forward and she shrunk back in fear. I was a few meters away when Carlisle held out his hand to stop me.
“Anna you may not want to get too close. She’s not in control. I suggest you get rid of the shirt, Bella’s scent is still strong.” I nodded and quickly slipped it off throwing it into the flames.

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