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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 20
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Alice stopped a short distance from Jasper and remained unmoving. She had a smile playing on her lips as she closed her eyes. Jasper slowly sank into a crouch and stalked forward. He moved quickly to her left before he sprang. Though it was almost impossible to see with your eyes, well human eyes, I felt Alice move ever so slightly so that Jasper went past her, landing on her other side gracefully. This continued for over a minute. Alice barely moved and had kept her eyes closed the every time Jasper made another attempt at her. Suddenly they started moving faster, weaving their way through each other like some delicate but complex tapestry. Finally Alice made her move and she was suddenly on his back laughing, her lips at the side of his throat.
“Gotcha” She said playfully and gently kissed his throat.
Jasper laughed and his eyes shown with undying affection for his partner, “You truly are one frightening little monster.” The wolves merely muttered and were seemingly caught between being impressed and annoyed.
“My turn.” Edward suddenly declared. As he moved towards Jasper, Alice danced her way back and took over Edward’s position beside Bella. Alice quickly began whispering in Bella’s ear but I couldn’t make anything out. I quickly turned my attention to the upcoming match.

I closed my eyes once again as they began moving to fast for my eyes to see. This fight was far more even. Jasper had far more experience but Edward’s ability to read his mind allowed him to stay a step ahead. Edward was clearly the fastest, the fastest I had ever felt, but Jasper had moves that were both superior and unfamiliar to him. They kept going after one another but each time it ended in a tie. Neither could gain the upper hand and growls constantly erupted from their chests. Eventually someone cleared their throat, I assumed Carlisle and the movement stopped.

“We’ll call it a draw.” Jasper said. Both he and Edward were grinning widely. “Lets get back to work.”
Emmett stepped forward once again, “Rematch.”
I laughed, “Don’t the rest of us get a turn Emmett? I for one would like to try my luck.” I grinned and Jasper grinned back, curiosity in his eyes.
“No way! If anyone gets to take you on first it’s gonna be me.” Emmett said. “Unless you’re scared?” He flexed his muscles threateningly.

I marched out into the field between the alliance. Jasper walked past me and whispered, “Go easy on him.” I chuckled and I heard Emmett growl. After a few meters I turned to face them, Emmett had already sunk into a crouch. I took out my knife and he eyed uneasily.

“Don’t worry Emmett, I have excellent control.” I threw it into the air and caught it like a baton, twirling it in my hands “I promise not to actually hurt you,” his growl deepened and my smile widened. “Just think of it as a ceremonial object.” I closed my eyes. “Ready whenever you are” I called.
He came at me, straight on, and with blinding speed. I latched onto his aura and struck. My eyes were open and my blade was a millimeter from his neck. He stood frozen, his arms outstretched towards me. Like with Jasper he cussed while the others tried to suppress their laughter. I put my arm down, patted him on the head, moved out of his way and allowed him to move again. I walked back to the Cullens at a normal pace. I saw the wolves and I swore they looked impressed. I couldn’t help but feel a little smug. Suddenly Emmett tried to pounce on me from behind, probably thinking I was distracted, and I stopped him once again. “Nice try Emmett.”
“Dammit.” He breathed. Jasper was shaking with unconcealed laughter.
“You wanna give it a shot Jasper?” I asked
“Not really. I’m pretty sure it would produce the same result.” He grinned “Impressive by the way.”
I already knew what I had to do so I didn’t participate for the rest of the night as the others took turns against Jasper. First Carlisle followed by Rosalie and Esme. Occasionally he would slow down to give more instructions. While I continued to watch and study their moves diligently my head was really starting to hurt and I was getting rather tired. It was approaching twenty four hours that I had been awake and while this was not a first for me it had been a long day.
Almost as if Jasper could read thoughts like his brother he stopped and turned to the wolves for the first time. “We’ll be doing this tomorrow. Please feel welcome to observe again.”

Edward replied in the same monotone voice as before, “Thank you, we will be here.” Edward sighed and spoke once again. “The pack thinks it would be beneficial for them to be familiar with each of our scents as not to confuse us with the others during the fight. Standing still would make that easier.” He left Bella’s side and walked over to join my family.

“Of course,” Carlisle said and took his place in line. As the others followed his lead I backed away and walked over to stand next to Bella. She was watching the pack intensely. I stood beside her as Sam stepped forward and sniffed Carlisle, wrinkling his nose in disgust.
Bella’s gaze had locked onto a reddish brown wolf, which I sensed was Jacob, and she seemed deep in thought. The wolf quickly noticed her stare and turned his face towards her. After a moment he left his place in line and trotted over towards us, his tongue hanging out the side. He sat down not two feet away from us and stared intently into Bella’s face.

She whispered, “Jacob?” and the wolf smiled, exposing his razor sharp teeth. She reached and touched his fur for a moment. I felt like I was interrupting something and was about to leave when suddenly he licked her face. Nasty!
“EW! Gross, Jake!” She exclaimed and jumped back a bit as the wolf laughed. After a moment, and after she wiped her face, she began laughing alongside him. I backed away a bit, afraid he may do the same to me. The looks on the Cullens faces as they watched was a mix of confusion and disgust. The wolves didn’t look to happy either.
The wolves began to back slowly away from the clearing, their eyes never leaving the Cullens, and soon disappeared into the trees. The one named Jacob remained behind. I walked back over to the others as Edward took his place beside Bella. He started having a conversation with the two of them. I turned to Alice.

“Well I think that went well.” And she nodded her head in agreement. Jasper came to join us and we started talking about the various tactics and methods we could use in the coming fight. We had been talking for a few minutes when Edward suddenly called Jasper over.

Jasper walked over to them and Alice quickly followed. I heard something about a false trail but was distracted when Carlisle and Esme came to speak with me.
“How are you feeling? Headache?” he asked, in doctor mode.
“I’m fine.” I lied smoothly. I really wanted aspirin for my head.
“Well we’ll be leaving soon. Edward is just finishing up some last minute plans with regards to Bella’s safety. You still want to walk back?” He asked, a smile playing upon his lips.

“I guess I can endure the torture one more time. If Emmett doesn’t try to attack me again.” I teased
We waited a few more minutes while Edward and Jacob talked and Alice and Jasper played more death games in the clearing. Soon I was gripping tight to Emmett once more as we dashed through the trees with the others.
The sun emerged over the horizon the clouds no longer blanketing its light.

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