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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 19
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A moment later they stopped all at once, as if they were one mind. I could see their eyes shinning subtly in the darkness. There was a large space between the two groups, the line had been drawn. Carlisle walked forward slowly, careful not to make any sudden movements. He was trying to keep things peaceful and his posture was designed to reassure. “Welcome, we are grateful you have come.” He greeted them. It reminded me of the first time I had walked into the Cullen’s household. He was there greeting me as warmly as he did them. It was hard not to appreciate the genuine kindness and courtesy in his voice.

“Thank you” Edward said in a flat, monotone voice that was clearly not his own. He was speaking Sam’s thoughts. “We will watch and listen but no more. That is all we can ask of our self control.”
“That is more than enough,” Carlisle answered, “My son Jasper has a great deal of experience in this field. He will help to teach us how they are to be defeated. I’m sure you can modify this to your own style of hunting.” Carlisle was careful to tack on that last sentence. Allowing the wolves to remain separate and independent from the approaching instructions.
“Are they different from you?” Edward, or should I say Sam asked. While they hunted vampires and clearly viewed them as their natural enemies they sure didn’t know a lot about them. Newborns anyway. I wondered if they had ever even killed one before.
Carlisle continued, “Yes. They are all newborn vampires and therefore only months old to the immortal life. They react mostly on instinct and therefore will have little to no skill and only brute strength. Currently they stand at twenty but their numbers may go down for they tend to fight among themselves. We can each take half.” I could hear a low grumbling and it sounded like a mix of laughter and excitement though coming from wolves I couldn’t be sure.

“Do you know when they will be coming?”
“They will come in four days time in the early morning. Alice will help guide us as they approach.” Carlisle finished.

“And the girl?” I felt ten different set of eyes fall upon me and I was intimately aware that I stood but a centimeter away from Alice, a vampire. Carlisle looked over at me, allowing me to speak for myself.

I resented being called girl but I answered calmly as this situation was tense enough “I will be fighting and coordinating alongside the Cullens during the fight. My hunting style and abilities will be of better use and far more effective with them in this clearing.” I stated. Their stares lingered on me for a moment but soon looked away.
“Thank you for the information. We will watch.” Edward repeated one last time before, simultaneously, they all sunk lower to ground to observe. Jasper walked into the empty space. He quickly turned his back on the wolves and while he seemed determined to ignore their presence he looked very uncomfortable.

He spoke, “Carlisle is right. The newborns will be fighting purely on instinct and will act very much like children.” Blood thirsty, throw a Volvo through a house like children, “There are two important things you need to remember while fighting them. First, don’t let them get their arms around you for they can and will easily crush your body. Second, don’t go for the obvious kill because it will be one of the few things they are prepared for. Keep moving and don’t come at them head on.” No problem, I just gotta wait for one to come to me. “If you do this they will be too confused to fight effectively.”

Jasper walked further into the field in the middle space. No man’s land. Emmett quickly followed, backing onto the opposite end. “Emmett will be first. His style is closest to that of the newborns.”

Emmett’s eyes narrowed, a shallow growl emitting from his chest and muttered, “I’ll try not to break anything.”
Jasper grinned and clarified, “What I mean is Emmett relies on his strength and so do the newborns. His attacks are simple and straightforward and theirs will be similar. Just go for the easy kill Emmett and try to catch me…if you can.” Jasper let out a little laugh and disappeared from my sight. My senses, on the other hand, felt him moving around the field. He was like a lightning strike; fast, deadly and never struck the same area twice. Emmett charged straight forward, nearly as fast as Jasper. I found myself closing my eyes as they moved around the field.
Alice whispered in my ear, “You alright?” Her ice cold breath left goose bumps on my skin. She must wonder why I closed my eyes.
I answered her, “I’m fine it’s just easier to watch or rather feel what’s going on when my eyes aren’t open. My other senses become more dominate.” She didn’t continue to question me so I turned my attention back Jasper and Emmett. I had never witnessed two vampires fighting before and the ones I met were never alive along enough for me to really observe. This, however, was both fascinating and entertaining. Emmett got close many times but was always a fraction of a second to late. After a moment Jasper went in for the kill and soon Emmett had frozen. Jasper was clearly on his back. I opened my eyes and smiled as I heard Emmett cuss. The wolves rumbled and it was clearly that of appreciation and perhaps admiration.

“Best two out of three” Emmett said, his smile for once gone and annoyance in his eyes.

Jasper merely put up his hand and waved Alice forward. “In a minute, I want to show Bella something first.” Emmett stalked back over the rest of us, mumbling the whole way and Alice danced by him. I wondered what Jasper wished to show Bella. “I know you worry about her and I need to show you that it is unnecessary to do so.” I looked over at Bella and saw her eyes were both sad and concerned. She clearly loved Alice and I had to admit Alice did look fragile though I knew she was nothing but.

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