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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 17
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Death Games

I stood in my motel room bathroom, my hands firmly grasping the side of the sink as I looked at my reflection. I seemed the same. My hair was the same colour, my eyes their usual shade, my skin the same tone. Physically nothing was out of place yet I felt different. I felt like me but at the same time I didn’t. I searched my face for an answer hoping it would appear in writing on my forehead. Nothing.
I walked back into my room and headed towards the old, beat up dresser. I was still in the dress Alice had given me and I needed to change for later. The shoes, on the other hand, had been whipped off and thrown onto the bed the moment I walked through the door. After six hours they had killed my feet and I vowed never to wear them again.
I pulled out my pair of jeans and my red long sleeved shirt. I quickly, but carefully, pulled off the dress and placed it neatly back into the box. I still couldn’t believe that she had bought me the dress and I shook my head. I dressed slowly. Everything had changed and moved so quickly tonight that I needed some time alone and some normalcy. If you could ever call my life normal.
It was 12:45 and the party at the Cullen’s had ended at midnight. I had left shortly after that, informing them I needed to change. I had argued with Alice for almost ten minutes before leaving. She had bought me yet another outfit but I insisted that the one she had already given me was one too many. I was due back there at 2:15 in order to meet the wolves at three.

Once I was dressed I sat down at the edge of the bed and once again played around with a blade. I never really knew why I did this. I guess I liked to have my hands busy and I somehow felt more comfortable. Looking at the blade spinning in my hand, the light reflecting lightly off its highly polished surface, I could almost imagine patterns. For some reason I felt very vulnerable at the moment and doing this made me feel strong…safe.

I spent the next hour contemplating what had happened. I considered the army coming to Forks in search of Bella and the new alliance with the Quileute wolves. However, despite their importance and needed attention I didn’t linger on them for long. What my mind grappled through was the answer that Alice had given me as she sat by the stereo. She wanted to be my friend. Why?
Could I be her friend, or more importantly did I want to be? I honestly didn’t know but I felt guilty at the thought. What would my father think if he were alive? We had spent years together trying to kill their kind. He had died at the hands of one of those monsters. Part of me truly hated what they were but another part told me they weren’t the same as others. As I stared at the swirling air my blade created I decided it didn’t matter because this would be over soon. We would go our separate ways and would most likely never see each other again. Problem solved.

I pulled up to the now familiar home, my mind now focused on the events that were to take place soon. The coming meeting should be interesting to say the least. This had to be the most unlikely alliance on the planet, well if they didn’t rip each other to shreds. I laughed as I walked up to the door, my world was becoming a whole new definition of weird. I was about to knock when I heard Alice chime.

“Just come in Anna.” I was beyond shock now. I merely rolled my eyes and walked in.
They were all there and the room was on its way to being back to normal. The stereo had been removed and the furniture had returned. They sat there, cool and collected and in deep conversation as Alice moved at the speed of light removing lights, picking up garbage, wiping down counters. Did she ever stop? Carlisle gestured for me to join them and I slowly crossed the room. I felt my hair ruffle as Alice breezed behind me.
“I think we’ll start off slow. Give them simple instructions and maybe a few demonstrations on how to properly kill them. We can go more into depth tomorrow night, if they join again.” Jasper was saying. He was clearly talking about tonight’s meeting with the wolves.

“You may want to be careful in how you speak to them Jasper. Telling them how to ‘properly’ kill vampires may not sit to well with their pride.” I said. I had come to stand next to Carlisle and was looking across at him.

“Don’t worry I’ll be subtle. If your reaction the other day was any indication on how they may react I’ll have to choose my worlds carefully.” He laughed “Though I hope to limit our conversation as much as possible.”
“They are doing us a huge favor Jasper. I’m grateful for their assistance.” Carlisle said gently. Jasper shrugged but then nodded his head in agreement.
“What time are we leaving?” I asked. I knew what I had to do soon and I was not looking forward to it.

“In a few minutes. We’d leave now but Alice insists on taking down the lights first.” Everyone laughed and Alice appeared at the top of the stairs her tongue sticking out.
Emmett turned to me, “Speaking of leaving looks like you and me are travel buddies.” He laughed and Rosalie gave me a look that could burn a hole through cement. This is what I did not want to do but if I was going to meet them in the clearing before dawn I really had no choice. I groaned. The vampires back pack.

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