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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 13
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Carlisle looked back, wondering why I hadn’t moved. When he noticed me gazing around the room he shrugged and smiled. “Yes, well Alice can get a little carried away sometimes. If you would like we can go to my study and talk. Jasper and Emmett are already there.”
I regained my composure and nodded, “Alright.” I followed him up the winding stair case to the second floor. As we walked I undid my jacket, I was getting a little too hot now.

As we entered his office he turned to me, “Would you like to hang up your coat?” He indicated to coat stand in the corner. I crossed the room, removed it and turned back to face the three vampires. I looked quickly around his office, taking everything in. The walls were covered up completely by shelves and each contained hundreds of books. Various artworks hung on the walls though I saw no distinguishable pattern or reasoning. One in particular caught my eye. It was the largest and portrayed four men on a balcony. I recognized the golden haired one as Carlisle but not the other three. Two had black hair and the other had white, all three looking down at the scene below. My observations, however, were cut short.
Emmett let out a low whistle, “Nice outfit. Are you going to Seattle in it? It would sure make picking them off easier since they won’t be able to take their eyes off you. Is that another tactic of yours?” He began to laugh, Jasper joining in but at least attempting to cover it up.

My eyes narrowed, “Haha, very funny. You can thank Alice for the outfit. She’s the one who threatened to deny me access to the house unless I wore it.” My voice was hard but they found that even more entertaining. Emmett was shaking with laughter, the house along with him.

“No need to thank Alice,” Jasper said “I’m sure she’ll be the one thanking you later. She loves any excuse to shop. You just happen to be her latest victim.” Though he teased me about his mate I could see a great deal of affection in his eyes when he spoke of her.

“Well if you’re finished commenting on my clothing maybe we could perhaps talk about Seattle? It is why I am here.” I said firmly.
Carlisle sat behind his desk, “Of course. Sit, please.” He indicated to the free chair next to Jasper. I sat down being careful of the dress and making sure I was covered. I felt very exposed in this dress, and not just my skin.

“Have you learned anything new?” I asked. They looked uneasy. “What?”
Carlisle looked at me, “We, well Bella has figured out what they want.”

“I thought we already knew. They’re coming after your coven?” I wasn’t getting it.

“Well that’s true but they’re coming after a particular member…Bella.”
Huh. “Why would they come after Bella? And how do you know it’s her they’re after?” They were silent. They were hiding something. “What haven’t you told me?” I asked suspiciously.
Carlisle spoke carefully, “A few weeks ago a vampire broke into Bella’s room and stole some of her clothing. We didn’t recognize the scent and by the time we arrived he or she was gone. We didn’t think it was connected till now. We believe whoever stole her clothes did so to get her scent for…”
“For the newborns.” I finished his sentence and he nodded. Well that part made sense. “But why would someone come after Bella? She’s only a human.”
Jasper spoke, “We honestly don’t know. Bella has a…knack for getting into trouble even if she’s done nothing to provoke it. Either way we need to take care of this soon if we’re to keep her safe.” Wow. They truly care for her don’t they, enough to risk their lives.

“So, how long do you think it will take you to be ready?” I asked. I was already prepared to leave I was just waiting on them.
Jasper spoke, “In a few days, we’ve been planning a training session for tonight in a nearby field. It’s ten miles from the Hoh Forest ranger station. We need a large area away from human eyes if I am to give proper instruction.” He paused, looked at Carlisle and then back to me, “You are, of course, welcome to come.” Glad that he realized he can’t keep me out of this.
“Of course but if I’m to get there I should probably leave now…and change for that matter.” I gave a little laugh. It would be rather difficult to hike over ten miles in my current attire.
“We’ll take you so you don’t have to leave anytime soon.” Carlisle said kindly.
“You’ll take me?” I asked
Emmett looked at me, “Yes take you. We can still run just fine carrying you. You gotta admit it’ll be faster.”
“I think I rather walk thank you.” I said uneasily. I didn’t like the idea of being some vampires back pack.
Carlisle raised his hand, “We don’t need to discuss this just now but of course your free to do what you wish.”

Jasper nodded his head, “I agree. We need to discuss what we’re going to do once we get to Seattle.” I leaned forward and listened. “I think our best option is to should split into two groups, we’ll cover more ground that way. Edward, Anna, Alice and I will take the north side of the city while Emmett, Rosalie, Carlisle and Esme will take the South. Now…”

I cut him off. “I think we should re-think the teams.” He looked at me and frowned but I continued. “We need to find the one making them correct. I know her aura and if Edward gets close enough he can read her mind. Therefore we should be in separate groups. It will make finding her much easier. I think Jasper, Alice…Rosalie” I mentally sighed “and I should be in the first group while Edward, Carlisle, Esme and Emmett are in the other. The teams will be far more even and it will increase our chances of not only coming out of this alive but of our success.” I was confident with my plan but I still felt ridiculous. I was discussing vampire eradication with other vampires in a Gucci dress and Jimmy Choo shoes. Alice was going to pay.
“Jasper she’s right.” Carlisle said. Jasper merely shrugged.

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