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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 12
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I’ll take care of it! I stood up quickly, throwing the package back onto the bed. Please tell me she didn’t do what I think she did. I was hesitant to look inside, horrified about what I may find. However I quickly removed the tissue paper and lifted the delicate fabric from the box. In my hands was a dress. The top of the dress was mostly white but two shoulder straps crossed on top, one black and the other green. Where the two straps collided there was a small medallion like object. The bottom half, which was separated by a belt like strip, was a solid black. I looked at the tag and choked. Gucci.
Just when I thought it couldn’t any worse I looked down and saw a pair of shoes. High heeled shoes. I let out a groan and placed the dress down as I reached for the heeled monstrosities. They were black and white. The white contained a silver design slightly resembling the look of snake skin. Straps made an X design at the top of my foot and wrapped around the ankle. They were opened toed and contained two little buckles, one at the front and the other by my ankle. I was almost afraid to look at the brand. Cautiously I read the maker. Jimmy Choo…dear god.

I was never one for fashion but these two I knew. I also knew how expensive they were. How much did she spend?! These two objects alone probably cost more than my entire wardrobe back home. Maybe she was trying to assassinate me. Maybe she thought I would die of shock or perhaps the heels and dress were to slow my escape as I ran.
“She can’t seriously expect me to wear these?” I said out loud, though no one was around to hear. As I said this I noticed another little card. It must have been at the bottom. I took a deep breath before I picked it up and read.

I do expect you to wear them. You’re not getting in the house if you don’t. You are going to look AMAZING by the way! See you tonight.

I stared at the card in shock. What did I get myself into?

-That Evening-
I drove down the now familiar road as I kept my eyes open for the hidden path that led to Cullens. My high heeled shoe pressed down on the pedal, pushing my car forward. I still couldn’t believe I was wearing the outfit that was forced upon me. I only wore it because for some reason I believed the card when it said she wouldn’t let me in the house. On top of it, though, I had my usual jacket and like before I was still armed just in case. The dress made it impossible to hide anything. My hair was clipped back simply, keeping it out of my way.

Even though I was uncomfortable wearing clothes, very expensive clothes, the pixi like vampire had given me I had to admit that the dress fitted me perfectly and I couldn’t deny it was beautiful. Even the shoes were the right size and in them I was six feet tall. It suited my style, well the dress anyway, though I would never have been able to afford to buy them. How did she know? I sighed deeply. I was beginning to think that when it came to Alice Cullen it was just best to nod because I doubted I would ever 100% know how she knew these things.

I turned the bend and where the entrance should be was a thousand different lights wrapped around the trees. I drove up the path and more lights met me every few meters. She goes all out this one.
I soon pulled into their lawn and glanced at the house through the front shield. The sky was getting dark and I could sense movement inside. It seemed everyone but Edward and Bella were there, stationed at various points. Alice was moving through the house like lightning, pausing for only a fraction of a second and then setting off again.
I turned the car off, put my keys into my jacket pocket and carefully stepped out. It was abnormally cold for June and I clutched my jacket more closely. I walked up to the front door, my shoes making an annoying clicking sound as I went, and knocked as I had earlier in the week. Carlisle greeted me once again.
“Anna! I’m so glad you came please come in.” He smiled and opened the door further. I stepped in and was relived to feel the heat. He continued to walk into the room but I stopped and just looked around. Was this the same place? It looked more like some nightclub rather than the pristine living room I had witnessed before. The furniture had been removed and created an area I was sure was meant for dancing. There was a large and expensive stereo system flanked by even larger speakers on the other side of the room. Above me red, blue and purple lights danced around us creating odd effects on his skin. Who were these people?

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