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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 116
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While not taking his eyes off her he jabs a finger towards the child. “This is the child you saw, the one that is clearly more than human?” He says quickly and it takes all my strength not to slap him. You would think wisdom would accompany such an ancient being but instead it is replaced by a senile intellect. Clearly she is more than human but she is no vampire, if he would open his eyes and listen to me he would see that but he can’t let go of his lust for blood.
She turns and looks in Bella’s direction, to the child clinging to her back. Her face immediately becomes confused as she surveys the child. Caius’ hand twitches again in irritation, clearly wanting to strike her once more. “I…I’m not sure. She’s not the same I mean it’s the same child but…she’s changed.” She says uncertain. Caius’ lips curve upward as he exposes his teeth and she takes an involuntary step backward.

A small frown appears on Aro’s face as he surveys Caius’ lack of control and moves swiftly to his side, placing a hand on his shoulder. “Be composed brother.” While his voice is mild I can detect the subtle warning there and fight back a smirk. “We have time to sort this out. Now sweetling, show me what your saying.” Aro says gently as he extends his hand to Irina.
She looks wary at first but quickly places her hand in his, staring into his hazy ruby eyes. It’s over quickly and I see a faint smile on his lips that is chilling. “You see Caius, it is a simple matter to get what we need.” He chides though Caius does not respond. “It seems we have a mystery on our hands. The child does appear to have grown and Anna indeed senses a child that has a unique aura, one that is not vampire.” He pauses. “But also not human.” He deliberately tacks on at the end and I can almost see the wheels turning as he processes this new information.
I see Carlisle relax ever so slightly. “That is what I was trying to explain.” He says gently and once again extends his hand. I expect Aro accept the invitation but does not, surveying him for several minutes. The air once again becomes thick with stress as we await his response.

“I would rather have the story from someone more central to its plot.” He says courteously. “I assume this breach was not of your making?” he asks but it is once again part of the act.
Carlisle’s face falls ever so slightly. “There was no breach.” His voice taking on a tone of pleading.

When Aro speaks there is a new edge to his voice. “Be that as it may I will have every facet of the truth. The best way to achieve this is from your very talented son.” I can see that familiar glint in his eyes as he surveys Edward, clearly one of the prizes he wishes to claim from this escapade. “As the child clings to his newborn mate I assume he is involved.” For a few seconds Aro and Edward stare at each other, communicating silently. Edward turns around quickly, placing a kiss upon Bella’s forehead as well as the child’s, before making his way towards us. I’m not surprised Aro insisted on Edward, one touch and he will know the thoughts of every mind in this field.
He clasps a hand on Carlisle’s shoulder as he passes, who looks at him sadly but remains still. As he crosses the threshold that places him closer to his enemies I see Jane smile in my peripheral vision. My thoughts become dark when I think of the sadistic witch, wishing for her death for what must be the millionth time. Edward, be careful. I send to him, concerned for his safety though I know no one will harm him, at least not until Aro gets what he wants.
Suddenly I hear a small laugh escape Bella’s lips, a whisper in the wind, and I focus my gaze on her. That’s when I notice that while I sense the others around her they, like Bella, are not as clear or strong as they were a moment ago. I tilt my head to the side in confusion but before I can delve too deeply into the cause Edward stops, mere meters from Aro, and I focus my attention back to the scene before me. He lifts his chin and looks down at Aro raising his hand as if he is conveying Aro a prestigious honor. I smirk ever so slightly at his stance of defiance. Aro, however, seems just as delighted as me at Edward’s reaction and quickly moves forward to meet him.
Aro immediately takes hold of his grasp and both close their eyes, reading into each others minds. I can’t help but wonder what it must be like to view the world not only through your eyes but through the eyes of others. As the minutes pass the guard begins to become impatient and Caius silences them with one word.

Aro’s head snaps up and while I cannot see his face from this angle his body language seems to portray no hostility. Edward seems to relax minutely indicating that whatever he has shown him has, in the very least, given him a small ray of hope. “You see?” he asks.
“Yes. I doubt whether any two among gods or mortals have ever seen quite so clearly.” While his statement seems benign enough I can’t help but feel skeptical of it. The guard seems to be in a state of disbelief and I can hear Jane, who had unconsciously moved forward, growl in annoyance. “You have given me much to ponder my friend. May I meet her? I have never dreamed of the existence of such a thing. What an addition to the histories!” he says enthusiastically, chuckling, and I can’t help wonder what the child is.
“What is this about Aro?” Caius asks roughly, his stance aggressive. He is, without a doubt, the most impatient and infuriating being I have ever met.

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