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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 111
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As they continue to unfold before our eyes not so much as a whisper is spoken on their side of the line, it’s an almost deafening silence. The witness emerge behind them, a bloodthirsty mod pent on seeing us burn. While they are shocked and concerned at first as they take in our group they soon return to their previous state of fury. They realize they are in no danger what with the Volturi between us and them. I resist the urge to run across the field and tear them each apart as they spot my daughter and become further consumed with their desire for her death. Hell will freeze over before I allow such a thing to occur and while I wish to shield her from their sight she must be visible. They need to see that she is no immortal child.
Suddenly I hear Garrett’s low whispers break the silence, low enough that only we’ll be able to hear it. “The red coats are coming, the red coats are coming.” He chuckles darkly and moves slightly closer to Kate who seems glad for his proximity. His comment is soon followed by Vladimir’s mutterings to his brother.
“They did come.” Perhaps at last we will have our vengeance. Filthy Italian scum.
Stefan nods in response, “The wives. The entire guard. All of them together.” He pauses for half a second. “It’s well we didn’t try Voltera.” He adds.
A small grouping, separate from both the guard and Aro’s audience, hovers near the border of the forest. Irina’s eyes graze across our members and her face quickly distorts with horror as she spots her sisters. Her mind becomes a jumble of incoherent mumblings in her distress.
I focus my energy on the darkest of the cloaks as I try to find a way out of this. Marcus’ mind is in its usual haze of purgatory. He is here only for his brother’s use and does not care either way for the situation in front of him. Whether we live or die is of no concern to him. Caius, sensing my gaze, changes his mental dialogue to an ancient language I am not familiar with, making it virtually impossible to know what he is planning. Aro, unsurprisingly, is open to my mental intrusion and does not try to hide his thoughts from me. He wants me to know his plans so I realize how fruitless any attempts to resist are. Many members of my family are mere objects to be collected and the others disposable. A snarl rips through my mouth as he pictures my Bella, the core of my existence, among his followers.

Carlisle inclines his head slightly towards me. Edward?

I take a breath to steady my emotions. “Alistair was right. Aro and Caius come to both acquire and destroy. They have many layers of strategy in place if Irina’s claim proves false. However they see Renesmee now and are perfectly sanguine about their course. We could attempt to defend ourselves against the accusation but first they must stop and hear the truth about her.” I pause as I reign in my growing hostility. “Which they have no intention of doing.”
I hear a slight huff from the wolf by my side as Jacob’s mental voice enters my consciousness. I will not allow them to harm her. We will make them stop, it’s time. At this the wolves leave their previous cover in the woods and come forward with uniform precision, flanking us on either side. I feel a stab of anger and guilt as I register their thoughts, a mix of anticipation and fear. The youngest of the pack are just behind to older members, some still children who should not be here but have no choice. The youngest is twelve and the others not much older but bound by the same genetic bond as their leaders.

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