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Vampire Hunter (A Twilight Story) - Season 1 - Episode 101
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The Veil Removed

Felix and I walked quickly to the familiar black jet that waited for us on the tarmac. Time was up and we would be heading off to meet the others, wherever the hell that was. We had managed to find Grigore, Manuel, Aras and Ileana but no one else as there was just not enough time though Aro seemed content with how many we sent back. As I walked up the short staircase, Felix a step behind me, I went straight for the intercom.

“Excuse but where exactly are we headed?” I asked politely to the captain. I waited for a minute as I heard him shuffle around in the cabin.
“We will first be flying to France, the city of Nantes specifically and there we will refuel. I’m afraid I have not received any information beyond that, have been informed that I will receive a more detailed flight plan regarding our next destination once we land.” He said in a monotone voice. I sighed, he wasn’t much help.

“Alright, thank you.” I said quickly. I did not receive a reply. I sat down on one of the leather chairs and grabbed a magazine, flipping through the pages impatiently as I scanned the articles. Felix sat beside and grabbed my hand, giving it a gentle sq££ze. I smiled and leaned into his side as I heard the machinery come to life and soon the plane was in the air. After a few moinutes I felt his warm breath on the on the back of my neck.
“You know, there may be a better way to pass the time.” He whispered seductively into my ear, placing a kiss just behind it. I could already feel my mind becoming unclear and I concentrated to stay focused.

“Felix, are you trying to s£duce me and in a plane no less?!” I said in a scandalous voice. He knew my weakness and while I knew I couldn’t resist him for long I was going to have a little fun.
I heard him chuckle, “Hmmm well I don’t know, that depends.” His arm snaked its way around my waist, pulling me closer ever so slightly.

“Depends on what.” I asked calmly. My eyes had not left the article yet I had not managed read a single word of it.
“If its working.” He said lightly.
“I don’t think it is, you see this magazine has a very interesting article on…” at that moment he pulled me quickly onto his lap, my magazine now on the floor and our faces a mere inch from one another. He was such a cheat and he knew it.
“And now?” He said slowly, his eyes burning into mine as his hand entangled itself in my hair. I found myself unconsciously moving closer to him, my right palm resting on his chest as the other toyed gently with the chain around his neck.
“Hmmm, I still think you need to up your game.” I teased but he smelled an easy victory. His lips quickly touched mine, moving urgently yet gently. My arms instantly wrapped around his neck as I brought myself closer to him. I couldn’t deny that it was definitely a better way to pass the time.
“We’ll be begin our decent in thirty minutes.” Said the captain as his less than enthusiastic voice was expelled through the several speakers. I was sitting in Felix’s lap, one hand intertwined with his while the other held the magazine I originally wanted to read.
“Are you enjoying the article.” He asked politely but he couldn’t fool me, I knew where he was headed.

“I am actually.” I replied without looking at him. I wasn’t giving in…this time.
“Are you sure.” He whispered, pulling me closer. I placed the magazine on my knee so I could smack him lightly on the chest.
“Nice try. We’re landing soon so behave yourself.” I said sternly though I fought back a grin. He was worse than some hormonal teen on prom night.

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