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Valentine Blues - Season 1 - Episode 80
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”Bye Darren, nice to meet you Tammy”
”It’s my pleasure”
”Bye” He manages trying to spare not more than a few seconds glance her way.
”Goodnight guys, need to go pick up my car anyways, byyeee” Lucy waves and they are out of the door.
”It’s getting late though, wanna go?”
Tammy pouts ”I wish I could stay”
”Yeah, you would be around for a bit yes?”
”Just for tonight, I have a meeting in the morning so i have to fly out ”
”Oh, but I would be back by weekend though”
”Great, well save trip then” Tonia smiles at her. They walk them to the door, and waving.
Tonia watches them leave, with Darren pulling away, she bites her lips and thinking hard.
”Spill it wife, you don’t do well keeping things in”
”Is it just me or Darren seems he would rather be with someone else than Tammy”
”It’s just you” Tom says walking away, she frowns turning to him while trying to make Darren Jnr burp
”Tom, I know you and we see things eye to eye, what were you both talking about?”
”Nothing okay, some things are just guys stuff”
”Well … I am your wife”
”He is my best friend”
”Mine first..”
”You are just a manipulative litte sexy mama”
”I know, spill”
”I think” he says pulling her to seat on him ”Our boy fell inlove with Anna before he bailed ”

”Aha!! Makes alot of sense, while hide yourself if it was just a thing, he probably didn’t want us to see him break down again and stuff”

”Okay so… is that what you guys were talking about?”

He places his index finger in his son’s hand and watches him sq££ze it, he smiles as love fills him for his little boy ”With the way his eyes followed her today seeing her after two years, my boy is stuck on glue with this one, he forgot Natalia within a month, he dated her for three years Tonia, he loved her ..but this girl he didn’t get a proper date till the cruise and dated her, this girl he barely knew, two years later, his heart is racing and he couldn’t tell he was drinking water instead of wine” he smiles
”Oh boy!!” She frowns
”You don’t sound pleased”
”I don’t want him to go down a road he lost. Tammy is nice, i like Tammy”
”I like Anna”
”Yeah, she is great but, let sleeping dog lie and Darren is sweet soul, i think it’s just nostalgia. Its just a ..oh my God surprise feeling of running into someone you had a thing for, in a day or two it would be gone”
‘You think so?” He stares at her , ”I am a man, and we guys knew when we have been hit hard in the heart, I knew when it was you, you think he doesn’t know that?”
She bites her lips ”For all we know she is seeing someone, or maybe with that Daniel guy..”

Tom shrugs ”I told him to follow his heart”
”No Tom,. tell him to build whatever love interests he has with Tammy and forget the past. I don’t want him going away again if it doesn’t work out”
”Don’t be selfish” he says looking at her ”If he decides to go after her again, we are not going to advice him otherwise, he deserves to have a beautiful love story, just because it didn’t work out the first time doesn’t mean it won’t work out again”
”And if it doesn’t, it breaks him even more”
”He would heal and he would move on. That is life, we win some and we lose son, but it is better than trying and failing than not trying at all and wonder what could have been. He is inlove with her Tonia, his eyes says it all, his body movement but he is being the perfect man, respecting his girlfriend and stuff…he won’t disrespect her, you know Darren, but i told him..he should follow his heart and he would do the right thing, for his happiness…
I would pick you over and over again Tonia, even if we go sour at some point, girl I would fight for you because I love you, that is what I want for him, to fight for what he wants, at least try… if it’s Anna… then he should be encouraged to do so..if he says Tammy, then he should work it to the fullest, my two cents”

”Sometimes you are so deep Tom”
‘That’s why you married me, now… how about I bath my two favorite people yes?” He lifts her up with the baby
”Oh my man so big and strong” she chuckles
”So big and strong, speaking off…how about we play a little game while Darren sleeps.” he winks at her

”You naughty man” she laughs
”We can name baby 2… Anna”
‘They laugh.


Darren is by the window, staring out of the city, lost in thoughts when he felt hands slipping through his and wrapping him.

”Hey!” he whispers

”Coming to bed?”
”In a bit” he says.
She holds him still, hugging him tighter . She walks infront of him, wearing nothing but a thin see-through nightie. She caresses his face. Going on tip-toe, she kisses him softly on the lips.

He kisses her back. She wraps her hands around his neck and pushes herself closer to him, deepening the kiss. He savours her lips, drinking from her as she pushes him back to the bed.

They sink in, she climbs ontop of him and begins to grind..kissing him still,he rolls her over and places her on the bed, sitting up and placing his head in his hand ”I can’t Tammy, i am sorry”

She groans ”I want you so bad, it’s been three months, you have not even touched me. Do you know like me, for real Darren, because I am burning for you”

He stares at her , ” I do like you and I do want to make love to you but I can’t force it, I can’t rush it and ..I simply can’t make myself do it… I need time”

”Three months is alot of time not to touch your girlfriend Darren, I mean you are a great guy, you take care of me and stuff, must i need to be cared for body and soul too..I want you, want to know how you feel inside of me, touch you, kiss you, sU-Ck you…and have you do all that to me, come on, relax and I would take care of you” she kisses his shoulders again and pulls him backwards, climbing him again, kissing his chest and trailing her tongue down to his novel and going before , he stops her..

She doesn’t understand, no one does. He closes his eyes and he sees her face, he kisses her and he sees her face. It’s been two freaking years..

Why can’t he get her out of his head.
”I can’t Tammy, and I have always been open and honest with you.. it has to pass”
She sits up ”I think it’s even worse today, seeing her?”

He gets up ”It would pass okay.” he pulls her to him and lays on his back with her on his chest ”It would, and you can have all of me” he kisses her lightly, and then closes his eyes.

He slept off, he couldn’t. His thoughts were plagued with Annalisa.

The one who got away.

”I hope you get the contract signed” he tells her at the airport, just when she is about to board”

”Yeah, I will. You know I am a bad-a-s lawyer” she smiles at him ”I am good at being persuasive. I always have a strong argument to swing things my way”
”I know, that’s how you got me to date you, cornering me and using your tactics on me… I had no choice than to surrender”
He smiles pulling her to him , they hug, they kiss..”Take care of you Darren, I would see you by the weekend, right?”


***Two weeks Later**
”Who you bringing ?” Tom hands him a bottle of bear and turns the Tv station to ESPN. They had been out all day.
”Tammy can’t make it, had to go see her parents..”

”I see, so you would be a lone ranger?”
”Yep! Flying Solo had always been my thing”

”Great, see you at the church?”
”Yes..Gatto run though, need to take care of some things before tomorrow”
”Alright man”

He gets up leaving, stopping by the nursery to see Tonia and his godson..”Bye son, don’t believe anything they say, I am your real daddy” he smiles, Tonia nudges him. He kisses her forehead, his forehead and waves..”See you tomorrow”

Tom enters the nursery , ”Did I not tell you”
‘Tell me what?”
”That it was just a thing, he looks better, does he not?”

”yeah, maybe you are right, he has not brought her up since he came back two weeks ago.”

”yeah, take D..need to go make dinner” she leaves him with his son,
”Hey handsome, hey my little superhero..daddy is here, daddy is here” he pecks his cheeks.

He drives into the supermarket and then alights, entering the store going to the back to pick out some house supplies..
Going back to the counter, he drops his items and waits for the cashier to bag them
”How much?”
”A two hundred and fifty” she told him, a wide smile on her face, he returns it..
”Here you go” he hands her his card and waits for her to swipe it.
He steps away a second , looking through a pack of movies stacked at the shelve, going through them he picks two and heads back, someone was already in his place..
”Oh sorry, Ma’am , give me a second while i finish bagging up his supplies and I would attend to you” The lady at the counter tells the customer who is standing before her
”No, it’s fine, I would wait” Darren tells her, ”Finish with her, not in a hurry”

The lady turns , their eyes meet.
”Anna” He breathes



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