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Valentine Blues - Season 1 - Episode 77
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”And what does she think about it?” Tonia turns around and seats with them
”Well, she understands that..I was in a bad place, i was in a good place and then it didn’t last and that I need time”
She stares at him ”You talked to her about the Exs?”

”Wow!” Tom exclaims ”And she don’t mind waiting?”
”I was open and honest, she is great yes and she still wanted the relationship and so we are taking it one day at a time, no rush, no fuzz..its great.”
”Glad then..”

”Welcome home son!” Tom grabs his head and then hits it, Darren laughs
”Yeah, good to see you too.”
”Anna, come inside”
”No!” She remained in the car ”Give me my keys” She gives her hand to Lucy who shakes her head
”Come out now!”

”Fine, enjoy your car” Lucy turns and walks into the house.
”Damnit Lucy!!”
Lucy greets familiar people and then walks to them.

Tonia turns and breaks out in smile ”Hi Lucy, you came, thank you so much. See Aunt Tonia Darren. See your aunt who is going to buy you nice things and teach you how to look all dapper checking out chicks”
”Haha , very funny!” she leans in and kisses Darren jnr’s forehead and hugs Tonia. The she higs Tom who thanks her for coming,

”Where is Adam?”
”Trip, he sends his love”
”Okay, he owes me the next games, he told you i won right?”

”Yes he did, smooth Tom, really smooth” She turns to Darren
”Darren Bloom!”
”Lucy, i never got your last name”
”It’s Micheals” She smiles ”You look great”

”I do infact look great. ” he smiles ”Come here” he pulls her to him and then hugs her ”Mehn, my world was boring without this crazy person in it, how have you been and Adam? same Adam?”

”Yes same Adam, girl got him hooked on her punani line and sinker he is singing the blues and then the white song” Tonia says to Darren

”Wow, he proposed?” he has surprise on his face

”He did, but I am making him sweat it, for a week or two before i say yes” she laughs
”You mean”
”That’s what she said” she said
”Who said?” Darren asks
Annalisa ”…” she stutters ”You moved back or you just passing through?”
”Passing through, but be here for a little while, on vacation”’

”Ah, I see”
”Babe?” They turn to see her coming towards them ”You should try this cake, it’s amazing” she comes with a a fork and saucer with cheeried cake on it , spoon feeding Darren
”Hmm” he groans
”Nice right?”
She smiles to Tonia and Tom ”Thank you both for having me and I am sorry I am such a glutton”

Tonia laughs ”Don’t worry about it, eat, enough to go around and feed a community”
They laugh
She is staring at Lucy who is still being hugged by Darren and who is staring at her , then she clears her throat, Darren swallows another cake ”Oh sorry, Lucy meet my girlfriend Tammy, Tammy meet…Lucy” he releases her and brings Tammy closer to him.
”Hi Tammy, nice to meet you” Lucy gives her her hand
”Nice to meet you too Lucy, you the Ex?”
Darren chokes on his drink, om and Tonia laughs
”Nooooooooooooo, at all” she laughs nervously ”That would be my best friend..who is outside right now”
”Annalisa is here?” Tonia looks at the door, Tom too, everyone does.

Darren looks away, Tonia doesn’t miss that ”I thought she was out of town?”
”She was, came in last night and you sent an invite so…”

”I didn’t think she would show..”
”Oh so it was a formality?” Lucy clarifies ”She was right”
”Don’t be like that, it was an invite and..oh never mind, why isn’t she coming in?”
”You know… big elephant in the room” she c---s her head to Darren

He shakes his head ”It’s fine really, that was tons of years ago… it’s fine, she should not lock herself away because I am in town, it’s fine”

”Se, its fine” Tonia smiled relieved ”All is right in the world. Unless the new girl don;t want her here?”

”Me?” Tammy asks ”Nonsense! I would love to see the girl who got away, it’s the way he describes her”

They laugh, Darren doesn’t let it reach his eyes.

”Well, don;t worry, she isn’t coming in, I have her car keys so she isn’t leaving either”
”Baddass!!” Tonia exclaims
”You know it!” They smile
”Hell, she can’t be there all alone because of a misunderstanding, let me go get her..” Tom excuses himself. Darren takes his wine to his lips, Tammy leans in whispering into his ears, his eyes didn’t leave the door.

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